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  • lisadilmil
    @sheasheawoony - Sorry, for that long post😯😳
  • lisadilmil
    @sheasheawoony - Hi Shea, sorry it took so long to write back but one of those boo boosI mentioned (it's called Fibromyalgia) has been very bad this week - but I needed to come on Instagram to see you and my other pawbaby furriends cause I knew I would be smiling 😊 and laughing 😄🤣 even though I am in pain - and I was right - Best Medicine Ever (well not really the Best but Best after my own pawbaby's snuggles and kisses - he knows when his Mommy is sick - you pawbabies are the best medicine for your hoomans). I was LOL 🤣🤣🤣 when you said Mommy has her own lame Insta account - and I know it must be a full-time job (plus overtime too) because I can't even keep up with checking all my apawarable pawbabies accounts and I feel bad when I miss great posts - but you make sure you give Mommy lots of love and big wet kissies 😙🐶👅👅👅for being such a great Momager. She does a great job cause you have a pawsome Instagram Account!!! Give Mommy/Momager and extra wet kissy from me cause I love your account - thanks again for the 😊😊😊 and 🤣🤣🤣!!!
  • sheasheawoony
    @lisadilmil awww... I’m glad I could make you smile. Mom says this IG account is a full time job. She has her own lame account, but it’s no where near as awesome as mine! LOL! 🐾🐶💕
  • lisadilmil
    @sheasheawoony - LoL 😄🤣🤣 - I always forget to spell check too - and I bet you keep your beautiful Momager very busy...been checking out your IG page and it's great - Love ❤ all your posts - you are such an apawrable pawbaby. You are lucky to have a Momager and your own IG account - my precious pawbaby, ODie, a 9 year old peke-a-poo, has wanted his own IG account like forever, but as much as I LOVE ❤ him soooo much, I know I could not be a good Momager - Momagers like yours deserve lots of praise, plus of course lots of wet kisses 👧🏼🐶👅👅👅and gold medals too🏅🏅🏅🏆🏆👏👏👏👏 I have some booboos that make me too sick at times to ever be a Momager - so I totally appreciate all the time and energy that they take to share their precious pawbabies on IG - Thank you Shea's Momager for sharing Shea on IG - brings me smiles and makes me laugh on days when I think that would be impossible. WOO HOP WOO HOO - WHO CARES ABOUT SPELL CHECK 🤣👅🤣🐶🤣❤❤❤
  • sheasheawoony
    @lisadilmil woo hoo’s! Momager never spell checks! 🐾🐶💕
  • sheasheawoony
    @je_mappelle_thor that’s what Mom told me and dad! A beautiful place! We are having the best vacation! 🐾🐶💕
  • boubou.the.shitzu
    We are just friend selective not jerk 🤣🤣
  • je_mappelle_thor
    That's where mom and dad got engaged way back when! ;)
  • lisadilmil
    @sheasheawoony - Sounds like you had lots of fun!!! Ummm, I know what hugs🤗 are, and kisses😙, and yummy brisket, BUT what are "woo hops🤔??? They sound like lots of fun!!!
  • nikolodian_theshorkie
    It’s ok, sometimes I act like a jerk too, mom calls it “small dog syndrome” she says it’s when I try to act bigger than I am!! 🤣😂🤣😂
  • beau_theboss
    Have fun!😎
  • sheasheawoony
    @brutuswoody you know it... hugs, kisses, woo hops, and brisket for lunch! Not bad! 🐾🐶💕
  • brutuswoody
    @sheasheawoony what a good girl! hope mom gave you something special for being so well behaved
  • sheasheawoony
    @brutuswoody Lol! No, was very well behaved. I acted like a normal dog! I even amazed myself! 😂🐾🐶💕
  • brutuswoody
    i was just gonna ask if you acted big and bad 😂
  • helloimcamden
    love making friends 😊❤️
  • niko.petrillo
    Beautiful pics! Glad you had a wonderful time!❤❤
  • franmad813
    Looks like a PERFECT Day ADORABLE Sweetheart♡♥♡ XOXOXO
  • beachdoglucy
    That’s great, Shea! Mom must have been so happy 😁
  • shea_in_the_city
    Great shots. Looks like fun!