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Comment from Tifa:

February has been hard, I’ve been emotional, I’ve been exhausted, I saw financial hardships, I experienced problems in my business. Honestly it felt as if the world was dumping me. And I couldn’t take a break. I couldn’t stop and cry. Let myself feel everything I had to keep doing, and keep trying. And then I went crazy. I deal with anxiety, and depression and if I don’t take care of myself properly I begin to lose myself. And I did. Nothing has ever been more important to me than my mental health, it’s why I changed career paths, it’s why I decided to focus on helping people. It why I stopped serving for so long or do got out to parties and even gave up some lifelong friends. And it’s why I’m always here, continually working on myself and working out my issues. There are sooooo many reasons to do it. But taking care of yourself has to always be your top priority, don’t wait until you are have exhaustion episodes, and anxiety attacks to take care of you!

3 Hours ago

Comment from Tifa:

Leg day super complete!!! Felt so good to shake the stress off and focus.

5 Hours ago

Comment from Dmarco Mills:

Studio 1 Photoshoot 2/23/18 📸 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ The end of the bulk is near! I was able to get up to 206 from lots of calories being consumed and heavy weight being thrown around the gym, as you saw. Time to cut them calories and start doing my track workouts again. Thank you for tagging along through the journey😝. Let's see them progress photos !! #fitness #fitnessjourney #bodybuilding #muscle #athlete #fitnessmodel #fitness #naturallyfit #naturallyfitagency #asthetic #beast #militarymuscle #hardwork #dedication

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Comment from The Nike Barber:

Summer time is on its way. Getting myself together @p.b.l_18 what’s good

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Comment from The Nike Barber:

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Comment from Mary Whitfield:

Currently doing a 5x5 program, but about to tap out, I squatted 150 today, and deadlifted ( pretty poorly I know) 135 pounds, and finished with an overhead press with 50 pounds, I really didn’t even want to try today but I pushed through it and was able to achieve my goals, which is an amazing feeling and I hope all of the people who view this try to achieve there own goals as well! #squadgoals #gymshark #oldnavyactive #heavylifting

2 Days ago

Comment from Nicholas Steward:

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