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Comment from Michael Yoder:

My favorite kindergarten teacher has an awesome room. But the special ingredient is her dedication and love she gives her students. #teachersrock

25 Days ago

Comment from Ashley Roberts:

One of the many panels seen at the Academy has me wondering when's the next recess.

40 Days ago

Comment from Javon Borst:

The first of many to come Mr. Gabe. I'm so excited to continually watch you grow and learn - as you make your way in the world. I am so proud and humbled by how much you have learned and impacted the lives of your classmates, teacher, and most importantly your brother and I with your kindness, love, and your contagious smile and happiness. I love you so much and I'm so proud to be your Daddy.

110 Days ago

Comment from Travis Washington:

137 Days ago

Comment from Pastor J:

@etthehiphoppreacher teaching our kids how to follow instructions..... "If you can follow instructions you can be great!"

137 Days ago

Comment from Pastor J:

I can not tell you how hype we were to bring @etthehiphoppreacher to our school, William C Abney Academy to speak to our Elementary & Middle school students! He is was amazing! Thanking God for divine connections! My son Kyle was like Dad please let meet him....his messages our life changing.....Im looking at him like 'so what are mine????'😂😂 #TakesAVillage #ThankGodItsMonday

167 Days ago

Comment from Dominique:

202 Days ago

Comment from Pastor J:

Being the board President of William C. Abney Academy it does my heart good to see people give to the needs of kids. SOOOOOOO Big shout out & THANK YOU to @onechurchec for donating coats, hats, gloves, snow pants, & scarfs!

234 Days ago

Comment from Matthew Ellis:

My roots🙏🏿

298 Days ago

Our reading buddies from William C. Abney Academy were excited to get their end of the school year presents!

1 Years ago

Comment from Stanley M. Steppes:

@MoneySmartKids Fundraising Program launched successfuly with William C. Abney Academy. Thank you Damon Pitt, District School Principal and entire faculty, but especially Clarkston our Ambassador of Faith Based Partnerships. Bless you bro! # #Kidpreneur #KidBiz #Kids #Money #Schools #Books #Music #Television #Entertainment #Fundraising #Stewardship #money #wealth #business #dreams #hardwork #dailygrind #startuplife #startup #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurlifestyle #ceo #hustle #smallbusiness #success #motivation

1 Years ago