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Vasarely "Akka" Gouache, 1949 ---- New & online now ---- This is one of our favourite Vasarely's because it presents a mod, minimal, and geometric elegance compared to his best-known, hyper-saturated Op Art later on in his career.

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Cool autumn nights by the lake ✨

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colourful engagement shoots 💙 | @tanyataylor two-piece in bio

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Choose wisely my friends! 😎💵💰💵 TAG you're team! 👬👬

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- facts yaw stupid ass bitches.

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Making home cosy with Mother Nature's seasonal bounty. 🍂 #home

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Fading to black

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I was recently informed that if you have a Canadian address you can order a complimentary official portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II from the Department of Canadian Heritage. Being a loyal subject as I attend university, as soon as I discovered this fact I dutifully ordered my copy, which arrived over the weekend. Her Majesty now adorns a spot on my apartment wall. (When I return to the colonies I’ll put her in a proper frame.) God save the Queen! 🇨🇦🇬🇧

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Fading away

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