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Comment from Michael Zietlow:

Just a little reminder that I appreciate you, and everything you do for me 😚

1 Minutes ago

Comment from amy davis:

iSpy a pinky finger cast in this high quality picture

5 Minutes ago

Comment from Jared Armstrong:

#3 and #4 of 16 Spider-Man Bank Heist and Black Panther and his robot Rhino.

6 Minutes ago

Comment from AmberDontPanek:

6 Minutes ago

Comment from Michael:

And to think I was supposed to go see dancing with the stars with my mom and nonna this weekend ... #raincheck

7 Minutes ago

Comment from Ilana Georgeff:

Hey it’s me. Just popping in to let you know that from here on out I’m only ever taking photos with the disposable camera app. Life looks more exciting through this lens.

7 Minutes ago

And just like that they are Mr and Mrs! There is nothing sweeter than watching two people promise forever to one another. Nik, Elizabeth and their families were filled with so much joy it was just contagious. - Congratulations, you two! Your day could not have been any more beautiful!

10 Minutes ago

Comment from abbey haji-sheikh:

they both like my dog more than they like me, but if it means they’ll come back to Grand Rapids, I’ll take it

16 Minutes ago