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Comment from Moose:

It’s been a rough couple of snow days playing in the big drifts...☃️ I was so tired today, that I fell asleep chewing my bone!!💤💙🐶

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Comment from Sarah. M.A. MFT 📜:

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Comment from Kaitlin:

Contact me at +1) 308-930-9439.

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Comment from Keke Smith:

first time out in the snow, you could say I’m a fan⛄️❄️

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Comment from Susan Canady:

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Comment from Aly Alexander 💜:

Logan might not be old enough to babysit yet, but he sure is a big help for keeping brother occupied when mommy needs a shower! #snowdaynumber2 #grandisland

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Comment from GRADY:

if you ain’t fam, f out my . . @asaiahziv - face 🎶

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Comment from Kelli Rollin:

95 days until I make the switch! ❤️🤵🏼💍👰🏻✝️ • • This photo reminds me of something Zach told me last winter. He took a photo of me walking ahead of him on a snow covered trail in Wisconsin. He texted it to me the next day when I wasn’t feeling well, with this message: “Yesterday as we were walking and you were out front. I was having lots of fun. I thought to myself I would follow this girl for the rest of my life. Wherever you lead me I will follow.” • • It’s my favorite thing ever. I wonder if he figured out yet that I’m not leading. God is leading through us. And we’re always growing closer together because of it, struggles and arguments and happy tears and all that goes into a relationship. • • Photo by @zachmayhew

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