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Comment from Stop Bobby Hatch:

I actually love my tongue but we like to give each other a hard time 😝 You won’t catch me crying till the day I die

6 Hours ago

Comment from Dean Vernon:

A pile of rocks, a photographer guy, and a sunset. What more do ya need?🙌🏻 Fun fact: this photo was taken on an iPhone📱

6 Hours ago

Comment from Dave+Brittany:

8 Hours ago

So proud of Kelsey and the PW cheer team! 💖

9 Hours ago

Comment from Abby Burch:

Congratulations Jess! I’m so excited for you and Wesley. Thank you for asking me to photograph your baby shower ❤️

1 Days ago

Comment from Dan Korte:

1 Days ago

Comment from Rachel:

Why is she so cute!🐶🐶

1 Days ago