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😬➡️How often do you lie and why? [I do it more than I realised] _ Now that the Inspire Yourself Daily Facebook group is in full swing, I'm constantly thinking of new Happiness Explore questions to ask and one about lying has just been added to my note book. _ I had an insight this week around lying and the ego. I noticed how, I have a tendency to over exaggerate certain situations by just a little - for example, if I queued at the post office for 20 mins and felt this was a long time, I'd tell my partner it was 30 mins - and I've wondered why do I do this? _ The EGO! _ The ego wants to attach to the story of pain or problem - it loves the drama - and so although it makes no difference to the person you may be sharing the story with, your ego feels more satisfied, justified and acknowledged. _ I love this insight as it's an example of what I mean when I explain to my clients about reaching a point of polishing. This insight isn't drastically hurting me, but I've been able to notice it because I've worked through the real heavy stuff - which is great because the more I notice the smaller trappings of my mind, the more and more freedom I experience. _ It's fun 😂 _ So how often are you lying for no apparent reason? What do you find when you explore that a bit deeper - what's in it for you? _ If you want daily Happiness Explorer videos - come join the Inspire Yourself Daily group over on Facebook and stay on track with your more mindful life. _ I'd love to see you there - the link is in my bio. ❤️ Photo by @sally.dreams

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Deseoso de incarle el diente. Es el preparado del merca de pan rústico. Creo que mejor que el pan industrial será. También se que se puede hacer pan mucho más saludable, como el de @masamadrezaragoza o el de @herbolario_cynara. Prometo próximamente clavar alguna receta de pan de trigo sarraceno por ejemplo. Buenas noches o buenos días!!! #ensovibes #pan #Cookingvibes

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As we prepare to fly to the UK for the Festive season I can't help but reflect on how grateful I am for the life I now lead. I can honestly say I'm living out my dreams... ❤️Living in the #ibiza sun but being able to hop on a plane to see my family when I decide to ❤️Choosing how my day runs, when I go to the gym, when I want to get out of bed and when I want to work ❤️Deciding who I spend my time with and who I work with ❤️ Inspiring others to believe they are able to pursue the life they dream of ❤️Helping others get healthy, happy and comfortable in their own skin Are you living out your dreams? If not...WHY NOT??? I'm here to tell you, you CAN take those dreams out of the box you have put on a shelf and you CAN live them....ALL of them. If you can dream it, you can do let's get dreaming BIG! I'm your BIGGEST cheerleader so believe in you as much as I believe in you and you are halfway there #LoveFromSarah #SarahLawUK #SarahLawLoves #SarahsSecrets #slentrepreneur #slnutrition

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