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Comment from Kids First Project:

This year, we’re excited to focus on providing monthly field trips for families at PHFS. Whether it’s volunteering your time to help staff or donating tickets to places like OMSI or the Oregon Zoo, we welcome all forms of support!

2 Hours ago

Comment from Jessica Renee:

Hello, beauty! Had a blast exploring the Oregon Zoo today. It was cold, misty, not busy and the views of the animals were amazing! We wandered around for a few hours and each corner was a surprise. This mountain lion was one of my favorites. Can't wait to go back in the Spring! Also excited to take my nephews here ♡

3 Hours ago

Comment from Alex Perry-Williams:

We could have been at the zoo all day if it was up to Everett, wide eyed and bushy tailed running to the next animal as fast as his lil legs would take him! If I didn’t carry him this last little part I would have been sleeping with the elephants, which would be kinda cool, i guess... #everettforestwilliams

4 Hours ago

Comment from Alyssa Blackwell:

Fish, sharing an elephant ear, and pretty flowers. #oregonzoo

5 Hours ago

Comment from Alyssa Blackwell:

Some from Simon’s first trip to the Zoo! It was rainy and empty and lovely. He passed out on Brandon’s shoulder as we were leaving, before we even reached the parking lot. He loved it. I’m tellin’ ya, go to the zoo on a rainy Sunday morning in January and almost no one else is there! #oregonzoo

5 Hours ago

Comment from Eva Moss:

6 Hours ago

I'm brushing up on looking down, I'm working on my ROAR 🦁

7 Hours ago