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Que pensez-vous de ces jolis moutons à bascule @bjorkadesign pour offrir à Noël ? 👶🏼

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Air Jordan Rétro 1 Game Royal Sortie prévue le 15 février 2018 160$

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Colours preffered: Red & Green 👄🌿🌿🌿

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On a vérifié, le rhum rend bien fou

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🖌 "Artiste international" 🎨 Si c'est @lemondefr qui le dit, alors s'est sûrement vrai :)

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I had a fantastic time seeking out off best adventures & foodie finds in Paris for @euroventure One of my favourite dishes is classic French moules marinières. The combination of incredibly fresh seafood, wine, butter and shallots accompanied by large hunks of crusty baguette makes for a wonderfully simple yet tasty dish. Many bistros and restaurants across Paris sell this delicious dish and I highly recommend trying it. What French dishes do you love? Is there anything you wouldn't try? #france #travelblogger #visitfrance #Paris #wanderlust #fdblogger #platedpics #food #seafood #frenchcuisine #foodie #instafoodie

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Se satisfaire de choses simples, ça s’apprend... @cecimilla15 ❤️🦖

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