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🌟🌟🌟 The warrior of light sits around the fire with his companions. They talk about his conquests, and any stranger who join the group are made welcome because everyone is proud of his life and of his Good Fight. The warrior speaks enthusiastically about the path, he tells how he resisted a particular challenge or speak of the solution he found to one especially difficult situation. When he tells stories, he invests his words with passion and romance. Sometimes he exaggerates a little. He remembers that at times his ancestors used to exaggerate too. That is why he does the same thing. But he never confuses pride with vanity, and he never believes his own exaggeration. • • • Il guerriero della luce siede con i compagni intorno al fuoco. Parlano delle conquiste, e gli estranei che si uniscono al gruppo sono i benvenuti, perché ciascuno è orgoglioso della propria vita e del Buon Combattimento. Il guerriero parla con entusiasmo del cammino, narra come ha resistito a una provocazione, quale soluzione ha trovato per un momento difficile. Quando racconta le sue storie, riveste le parole di passione e di romanticismo. A volte si permette un'esagerazione. Si ricorda che, di tanto in tanto, anche i suoi antenati esageravano. Perciò egli fa la stessa cosa. Ma senza mai confondere l'orgoglio con la vanità, e senza credere alle proprie esagerazioni. • • • #illustration #paulocoelhoquotes #paulocoelho #bookstagram #bookillustration #instapainting #instabooks #fire #magic #night #positivevibes #like4like #friends #follow4follow #realfollowers #reading #quotes #goodmorningart #instagood #artshelp #watercolor #watercolorartist #thursday #mindfulness #inktober • • • Always thanks to @paulocoelho for all of his words. ❤

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Projeto "Corpo Estranho" Postais disponíveis pra compra :D Corpo estranho é um projeto que visa incitar a lembrança e a imaginação baseada na morfologia dos seres vivos com foco na releitura dos sentimentos, experiências e sensações internas do corpo. 007 Corpo Estranho Postal à venda <3 R$10 #drawing #art #desenho #illustration

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"For the native tribes of North America, the deer was a messenger, an animal of power, and a totem representing sensitivity, intuition and gentleness. Some groups would entrust the hunt to the deer, which was also associated with fertility. There is a Cherokee legend that tells how the deer procured its antlers after winning a race against a rabbit. The animals of the forest wanted to know which of the two was the fastest, but the rabbit cheated before the race and the deer won its antlers." #inktober #inktober2017 #ink #inking #illustration #illustrator #paint #painting #color #watercolor #creative #sketch #sketching #sketchbook #instaart #instaartist

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