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Robert Fripp and Brian Eno: (No Pussyfooting) (Island, 1973). I’ve always had a thing for parentheses in titles

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@dirtragmag posted a lovely pic of me and @helenakoala discussing routes over a map, and then some dude came along and made insinuating comments. Who is this mouth breather @incogwetrust who can’t even use correct grammar when insulting strong mountain biking females?? (Not to mention post the insult twice.) I sent him a private message calling him out and asking him to take down the comments, but he hasn’t responded...too bad for him, now he gets a public call-out. The crap we ladies have to put up with from assholes in the mountain biking world. Seriously?!? At least now I have an awesome hashtag to use, just to spite his ass. #awkwardflirting #ladyshred #womenwhoride #donttakenoshit

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We had tons o fun chChaaa big thanks to @greenpointgallery for hosting us in their wonderful medieval black light castle and to all the wonderful artists and bands. If anybody finds a purple sweater and/or tigerseye + amethyst crystals dm us we lost them

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