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Another main character, Santiago, he stole the main ship (the peregrine) from another larger federation ship the achiever (captain of that ship is that guy who looks like a cockatoo) he is mostly a criminal for the fact he has stolen and killed some people, he pilots the peregrine as Trevor and the rest of the specialist fleet go on their missions #oc #originalcharacter #freecommisions #myart

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I had such a blast working with @eddiejudge from @cutfitoc a little while back. He makes post-workout look like a breeze don't you think? What you don't see in this photo is that he just finished some demo workouts nearby right before this shot. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able do my best work in this context, but Eddie was so down to earth and gave me some great expressions. Meeting other motivated people and rising to the occasion is what draws me to this profession. . . . If you're looking for an amazing staff and serious results, check out Eddie and @tamrajudge of @bravorhoc at Cut Fitness | | shot with @nikonusa and @promediagear

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