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“We had a script and we were about to shoot!” #SarahJessicaParker tells FLARE what really happened to #SATC 3 and what it means for the franchise. #Linkinbio to read 👆

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We’re sorry, we can’t, we hit 400K! Thank you to everyone for getting us to this milestone. To celebrate, we’ve written the opening scene for a third Sex and City film, one where Samantha is excluded from the narrative. HBO / New Line, feel free to slide into our DMs 💋 #SATC3 #Fanfic #Satire #HireUs

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New York’s hottest club: Bed 🛏 #satc3

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" He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, And he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere " Ali ibn Abi Thalib well, it's not a goodbye, but a see you nice to know these extraordinary gentlemen (and ladies too) nice to experience an exotic eastern melting pot of Indonesia (earthquake included ), and also the unique airspace! good luck for us, now and forever see ya in the other side lads! (thanks also for those not included in the pict, you also great!) #ambon #amboina #amboina_atc #atc #ojt2017 #pattimuracrew #pattimuratower #ambonapproach #satc3 #aviation

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SEX AND THE CITY 3 MIGHT STILL HAPPEN YET BITCHES! Aunty Charlotte has spoken, aka @iamkristindavis: 'Maybe we’ll figure out something to do, I don’t know, it would be great. I just feel like it’s a positive thing all the way around. I’m sad that we’re not doing the movie but at the same time, I love the support so much and I’m so grateful for it.' CGI Sam, anyone? It'd look like the promo shots for SATC2. . . . . #samanthajonespr #bemoresamantha #satc #sexandthecity #carriebradshaw #newyork #nyc #fashion #gay #instagay #satc3

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