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Comment from Ike Williams:

Put together a quick little beat and wrote this during the last hour of 2017... recorded it in the 1st hour of 2018. (Full ver. Link in bio) 😎.... this year... no more pussyfooting around! 🤔 NO WAY will my feet be associated with a vagina. U will NOT catch one of my toes just casually hanging out with a labia ... basically I’m super serious about 2018 #happynewyear #bars #stoppussyfootingaround

21 Days ago

Comment from Tim Clark:

98 Days ago

#VF101GrimReapers #VFA101GrimReapers @airshowlondon arrival day @canoncanada #canon7dmk2 70-200mm F4 L, @pmtrudeau_justin Hey Justin.... Canada needs this aircraft. you want to go into the schools history books as a good PM? Start by making this purchase establish your legacy by providing Canada with the advanced aircraft it needs for LONG after your Gov't (replaced at next election) will be in power. Lets have Canada stop being the fat younger brother always trying to keep up with his older brothers and friends. #getonthetrain #stoppussyfootingaround #dontbethenextdiefenbaker #ripavroArrow #ASL2017

123 Days ago

Comment from David Januari:

131 Days ago

Sexy pussy 😹

133 Days ago