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Comment from God Soulutions:

Many people do not #understand how the #soul works. Here is some #insight. Our soul is our #subconscious #mind and the soul can be easily programmed by repetition and routine. When this occurs the begins to classify things as "right" or "wrong", "good" or "bad", and so on and so on. Now #energy can only #flow in two directions- either #love or aggression- and when the soul gets attached to something, someone, or a certain way, aggression occurs. Attachment always creates aggression and loss of the thing or person one is attached too. Now in order to keep the soul in a #harmonious state, one very #powerful way to do this is by staying #curious and trying new things or doing the opposite of what we are accustomed to doing. Trying something new or flipping the script on your daily routine will move you forward to #achieve what you #desire- harmony. And you don't have to be extreme or #dramatic about these changes- for example, if you're right handed try writing with your left hand for one whole day, or maybe reading backwards and trying to make sense of the sentences. If you're #Christian, for example, try going to a #Buddhist temple or Muslim mosque and see how that would #feel. If you're a smoker, for one day choose not to smoke. Or a dietary habit change for some. Be #creative and allow yourself to #experience all aspects and facets of #life. When we get routined to "our way" we begin to think its the right way and that creates resistance which creates aggression which creates disharmony and imbalance. When we stay curious in all good things, all harmful stuff eliminates itself naturally because the soul is living in a state of #nonattachment. Please, I invite you all to try this and to HAVE #FUN doing so!!

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Comment from Wisdom Motif:

When you feel like you have a mountain in your way remember that every mountain on earth has been conquered by man.

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Remember your life, your journey is YOURS. Dont waste this beautiful short & precious existence by not being true to yourself & living the way you want to. The people that really matter will love you unconditionally & will not have to 'understand' you. They will love and support you through every growth, change, hardship and success you have. To grow, change & evolve is to LIVE & to do that unapologetically is freedom 💛 #live #life #journey #livefully #love #loveyourself #selflove #unapologetic #betruetoyou #understand #support #unconditionallove #freedom #onelife #preciouslife

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Comment from Uglyfaceent_JohnBall1:

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Comment from Daniela Santos G:

In life you have to avoid 3 geometric figures: ⭕️Vicious circles - 🔺Love triangles - ◼️Square minds - ✨HAPPY THURSDAY✨

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Comment from Meow:

Don’t you ever forget this. Each of us are embarking on a unique and different path every day, hour minute and second. We learn. We change. We grow. Have compassion for those who are still learning, give them space while they stretch their wings. Be humble on your own rocky road and put the notion of judgment and comparison out of your minds eye. You WILL trip, you might even fall but you will rise again each day like the sun. At your own pace. Believe that so long as you shall live you will be given the opportunities to take steps in new potential directions. Be gentle with yourself. You are human. Success, like beauty, rests solely in the eye of the beholder. Go be the best you, that you can be and the rest will fall into place. 🙏🏼

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Comment from Lynzie:

This morning I asked my son what he was thankful for, and he said his family. Grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles and all of his cousins. His response made me feel a little proud of him, the fact that he didn't say he was thankful for legos or his cars is impressive. I felt a little sad because we live so far from family, and so many family members are no longer here. Thanksgiving was always one of my favorite holidays growing up just because all of our family would come to our house, all of the cousins together. I am feeling nostalgic, and sad he wont experience the huge family gathering as I did growing up. As time passes however new traditions are made. We now gather at my moms, we celebrate with a fire in the backyard, too much food and wine and reminiscence of holidays past and funny memories of our beloveds who are no longer here with us. Walking in the yard I found these cedar sprigs from a neighboring tree. I thought it would be nice to bundle it up and use it to honor our ancestors in this years fire. . . What are you greatful for this year?

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