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Wonderful video shared to us of ( @brandoflows ) on the benefits of undertaking Yoga and how it’s incorporation into daily life can be used as a means of betterment both physically and emotionally! Thank you for being a trailblazer & inspiration to us all! Drop a “🌱” if you’d like to attend a course! • • • • #BeIntentional #volunteer #causes #Donate #change #activism #nonprofit #dogood #charity #fundraising #philanthropy #HBCU #NCAT #WSSU #Bennet #GTCC #UNCG #Socialgood #Travel #Yogi #Yoga

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I'd like to use this account to promote concerts and arts events in the city. This weekend my dude @malcolmlondon from Chicago is in the city, bringing his mix of music, poetry, activism and hip hop to the @thedrakehotel. An alum of the same @youngchicagoauthors and @louderthanabomb movements that produced @chancetherapper @jamilawoods @sabapivot and @nonamehiding, among others, you don't want to miss his first performance in Toronto! #Toronto #Ontario #Canada #chicago #blog #bloggers #urbanblogger #citylife #cityblogger #writer #igblogger #writersofinstagram #poetry #spokenword #slampoetry #louderthanabomb #ltab #yca #urbanmusic #hiphop #rnb #instrumental #music #producer #artist #family #friends #collaboration #activism

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Funny that

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Comment from Penn Johnson:

Honored to play the #marchforourlives in Naples today 9:30 am in Cambier Park✊🏽 . there’s never one solution to a problem, but we can agree on this: these acts of mindless hatred need to stop. for the collective to move forward. for our evolution. for us to walk the road of righteousness. it’s not even political. it’s humanitarian. it’s social justice. it’s life over death. no one should have to bury their child. it’s an obvious wake up call for us to step up and demand a change. Merc and Jupiter are in retrograde so i know the communication regarding this event will probably be all whacked out and backwards and there will be tension and misunderstanding. we need to take this time to think about how we can approach this situation and spread truth about the issues at hand. there are so many branches of this tree of violence and of course people are pointing fingers. but in this time we need to raise solutions and positive outcomes rather than shouting over each others’ words. this is a call to listen. to come together. to stand in solidarity. it starts today and it sure as fuck won’t end there. i’m excited to announce more collaborations with groups across the country working to empower youth this summer and fall. instead of hateful comments, get out and chant, take action, THEN post about it. talk to yer family and friends. cultivate a conversation. not an argument. live for peace and spread love. walk in the light. even in times of extreme overwhelming darkness. i’ll see yew in the streetz✌🏽 . #ChangeCollier #NeverAgain #CollierFreedom #naplesflorida #solidarity

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Surgery slave.

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Today we march in remembrance of all the young lives that were tragically cut short by gun violence. We march to assure a loss such as this will not happen again. We march for Columbine, Pulse, Sandy Hook, and Parkland. Today we march for our lives. #marchforourlives #WeCallBS

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May your weekend be as sunny and unclouded as the view from the Bucht of Lüderitz!

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