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Come join us at our event April 7th! 🙏🏽

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Mantra 💫 The industry is always something I’m striving to be apart of. Sometimes I need to slow down and remember there is no time frame on what you want to achieve in your life. Pressure is good in small doses but don’t let that run your decisions and thought process on how far you think you haven’t come ⚡️ This isn’t about perfection, it’s about progress ✨ My Vlog posts have took a back seat for the last two weeks while my head is down trying to creat opportunities for myself. I’ve felt guilt for not posting then I sit back and realise that to create content for my vlog I must create opportunities. 🌟 Slow & steady wins the race 🌛

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I’m back, bitches. 🤘🏻

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T O P • O F • T H E • W O R L D . . . #ThrowingItBack to when I was a 'Dancing Bitch' (official title) for Frisky and Mannish's music video 'Carpenters Grime'. Doesn't get more gangster than this people! . . . Love these guys @themissfrisky @matthewflojo ❤ . . .

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