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Piece from Kasi New Spring Collection. Make it yours at @shopkasi

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"It bothers me, but I understand," Burke said. "From a fan's standpoint, I understand. But from a player's standpoint, they have to understand as well. That's all I ask of them. I ask the fans to understand our standpoint, too. Do you all want us to go out there and to look bad, to look like bums? They might say we already look like bums. Whatever they say." 🔶🔷 - "That's not in my DNA to go out there and lose," Burke said. "I don't know how to play like that. I've never been taught how to play like that. We go out there, we got families. We're not only playing for the organization, playing for the city, we're playing for our families as well. I just don't know how to do that.

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The big guy. 💪🏾😤 We'll miss you. Thanks, @shaq_morris 💛

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