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Comment from Jeremy Bennett:

View from the train this morning.

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Comment from Tim Holland:

Just hanging out on the top of a leaking fishing boat for a 13 hour journey to a isolated area called Ruarwe Leaking boat, sitting one one 6 inch plank, chickens in a box behind me pecking my back and then it started to the thunderstorm for a few hours. Out comes the tarp so we can huddle under it. . Once we arrived late in the night it was pitch dark and a man with a lantern comes out to greet us. We couldn't wait to see what was in store for us int he morning when we could go explore the jungle! . What's your sketchiest mode of transport?? #sketchyboatrides . . . . . . . . . #thunderstorm #canoeing #lake #water #turquoise #lakemalawi #malawi #tia #africa #sunset #sunrise #lake #boat #water #thunderstorm #rainbow #wildadventures #clouds #adventuresinafrica #adventure #neverstopexploring #exploremalawi #wanderlust #wanderer #backpacker #backpacking

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Comment from Gustavo Åhlén:

During this week I am working on a new personal project of cinematic shots. I like to use the golden ration composition and play with different cinematic rules. I started this project during the last Sunday trying to capture the tranquil and hushed evening because it is a great moment to enhance the low like getting contrasted scenes. The post process has been done in Photoshop focusing on the shadows and highlights just creating two separated layers of solid color, one of these focused on the shadows and another one for the highlights. Like brown and yellow. Then using the blend mode as darker color for the shadow and soft light for the highlights you can play with the opacity. To recover the washed color of the sky I added a new curve later and I selected the sky using the option of "Click & drag in image to modify the curve". This layer should be linked with a mask separating the sky from the scene using color range. It is a great method to control the different areas from the scene.

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Comment from ❤Emma❤:

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Comment from YUNGGBLVCK:


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Who wants this as their morning commute? ✌🏼💦🌴

2 Minutes ago

Because of some problems with the van, we have to postpone our departure. 😞 We're not sure how long it is going to take, but we hope it is not too long! 😁 In the meantime, this picture was taken in Antwerp, where we're going to be today. Enjoy your Sunday! 🌈 🌍 🎉

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