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Comment from Ponto 55:

17 Seconds ago

We had read that we could visit the thermal grotto where Game of Thrones filmed Jon Snow and Ygritte's love nest. Reality isn't nearly as romantic when a steady flow of tourists come and go from the small parking lot, to scramble down boulders into a pair of beautiful caves, where steam rises from the clear blue water and the afternoon sun casts golden beams of light onto the walls.

1 Minutes ago

Comment from Rivers & Oceans:

“The sea is a desert of waves, A wilderness of water.” ― Langston Hughes

3 Minutes ago

Comment from Kyle Rudy:

We’re on the top of a windswept mountain peak miles away from civilization, and my pup’s convinced that she can smell bacon... 🤤🥓 We never found the bacon but the view was simply delicious. We’ll be back soon as repeat customers!

5 Minutes ago

Comment from Sara Brown:

It's always the day that I leave on time when the California freeways decide to have no traffic.

5 Minutes ago

Comment from Justin:

don’t stare at the night sky for too long, you might get star trails 💫 (like me)

6 Minutes ago