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Yesterday we went to @harrods for afternoon tea to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Despite having E with us, @daddyneedsespresso being on call (and having to take several snow related phone calls throughout the day) and me feeling particularly pregnant we had an amazing time. At the end they bought us some extra treats and a card. E wasn’t feeling amazing by the time we got there but the piano player played her some nursery rhymes (sure the other guests loved that) and ate some of our treats. Love taking her along with us, sometimes people ask how we can keep doing these things with kids but to me it’s a matter of adapting our expectations rather than completely changing how we live our lives. Anyone else keep doing these things with kids? #mummyneedstea #weddinganniversary #afternoontea #kids #harrods #familytime #celebrating #pregnant #35weekspregnant

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先日、お財布を新調しました☺️💐✨ お財布と一緒に小物も一新🌸 * * * ⑅ 財布* #FURLA ⑅ スマホケース* #afternoontea * * ⑅ リップ* #jillstuart * ⑅ ヘアゴム&バレッタ*ノーブランド * * * ステキな春を迎えられますように💐

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銀座でランチ🍴 薔薇の香りのする生クリーム×ブルーベリージャム×練乳×ベリー×リコッタチーズ×パンケーキ! ➕ ベリーの紅茶はピンク色!🍓💓 こんな女子力高いお店…もう可愛すぎて😩 ハヤシライスも含め、美味しいランチごちそうさまでした!! ______ #銀座 #ランチ #afternoontea #instafood #instagood #インスタ映え #スイーツ #ピンク #💓 #🍓 #人生相談 #進路相談 #ありがとうございました😊

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New product alert! 😊 So, a sweet tea-loving friend suggested I make cute little #tea bag purses to enable you to take your favourite with you on the go. So, here are my first two, which are both in cotton, and in completely different styles. The one in duck egg blue has two compartments while the yellow one has one compartment. Both are fastened with pure wood buttons. You can comfortably pack 4 or 5 sachets in each purse. For those who prefer loose leaf , the single compartment would be more suitable. If you use loose leaf , you can pack about 4 or 5 spoons of your loose leaf into a small plastic bag or wrap it up in foil/brown paper/small cotton pocket, etc, then pop the little package into the purse, and you’re ready to go! And...guess what? Coffee lovers can use them to take their favourite #coffee on the go as well. So, now the big question is, what do you think of them? 😊☕️💞 #teabag #looseleaftea

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ホームシックはならないけれど、毎年桜は見たくてたまらなくなります。だからサクラのアフターヌーンティに行ってきました。可愛いケースには本物の桜が飾ってあり、気分アガります🌸 小さなケーキ類は、甘いものや塩気のあるものが混ざっていて、飽きること無く食べられました。春をいただきました😊 Sakura Afternoon tea at lobby lounge of Island Shangri-la. lovely spring taste with real Sakura ・ ・ ・ #私らしさが見つかる香港 #食在香港

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