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Comment from Girl FriYAY:

#claresweeny and #peterandre would be appalled! Tonight has been like a frantic - what would have to be post watershed - episode of 60 minute makeover just longer with 'F bombs"! This is what happens when a mum decides to gut her sons bedroom as hes left for Uni and he announces hes coming home early - as in tomorrow and this is his bed tonight! We've painted, we've done skirting, weve shopped, hoovered, cleaned. Tomorrow will be curtains back up and bed made. Bet he doesnt even notice! #boys! #teenagers #leavinghome #flyingthenest #emptynest #parents #family #goingtouniversity #university #mumsnet #memoir #mustread #selfpublishing #memoirchat #amwriting #potnoodlebeerandshowershockers #amumscountdowntouniversity #authors #diy Copy this link to read my 30 minute MUMoir

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Comment from Amy Matayo:

In the middle of a sinus infection/antibiotic/Tylenol Cold-induced fog this morning, I got the BEST phone call. I’m not sure I made much sense to the woman on the other end of the line, but I did find out this: my newest full-length release, The Whys Have It, has made it to the final round of the @romancewriters RITA awards in the contemporary romance category! Despite being heavily medicated and feeling like crap, I’m so excited! Keep chasing your dreams guys! Eventually you might manage to catch one! 💛 #rita #rwa #denver #2018 #authorsofinstagram #author #writersofinstagram #writing #amwriting #TheWhysHaveIt *link in profile

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Comment from Essay Writing Music:

There's many ways you can use music to help you write your essay. Sometimes you want something that will set a conducive environment for FLOW - other times you want something that evokes a certain emotion or memory - but every now and then - like this week - you want something to give you energy and get you going. I'm digging this track for a couple of reasons - first and most importantly because it has this underlying percussion that kicks off and doesn't let you go - it seems to gain in intensity as the track continues and while the overall melodic figure is almost too repetitive - very quickly I've lost awareness of the track but I'm typing away like a dervish. Second though is that I didn't have to go looking for it - I completely ripped it from the amazing Music to Satisfy Your Inner Jellyfish playlist. Mr. AK Rockerfeller has one of the widest genre spanning lists I know and occasionally he'll come up with some awesomely obscure instrumental track that is just perfect to write to. So - if you're looking for something a little off the wall - def take this out for a spin. #gaborszabo #musicto #playlist #spotifyplaylist #writing #writingmusic #writingmuse #writingplaylist #musiccurator #amwriting #getgoing #startwriting @akrjellyfish

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Comment from Jay Sizemore:

I have many poetry collections and one short story collection available on Amazon now. Consider supporting independent publishing and picking one up. #poetry #writing #amwriting #publishing

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How close do you care?

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Your emotion becomes their emotion

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#Repost @sarinalangerwriter with @get_repost ・・・ I keep telling people the writer's community on Instagram is amazing, and here's yet more proof 😍 Jump on and support each other 🖤 Regrann from @stephmignon - Writer peeps, let's support each other on this crazy writing journey! Let's grow our platforms, inspire one another, and cheer each other on as we work toward our dreams. Are you an author, blogger, poet, or essayist? Then this is for you! Let's be friends. ..... 1. Tap #writersfollowwriters and follow everyone who has shared this image! 2. Comment under their photo. If you do not comment, we do not follow back. 3. Tag @stephmignon and/or a writer you love! @hetalavanee 4. Repost to keep the follow fun going! Follow for follow. Unfollowing means you get unfollowed. Plus, we're trying to make REAL writer friends here! Allow 24 hours for a follow back. #writersfollowwriters #followloop #followme #followfriday #followforfollow #amwriting #writersofig #instawriter #writermom #blogger #momblogger #followtrain #writersofinstagram #worktogether #amwriting - #regrann

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Comment from Margaret Scott:

This is why I don't go to all the effort that organising a week in a writers retreat would involve... Every single thing that stops me writing (ie my own head) would just go there with me... So the kitchen table will do grand for now. At least I'm putting no one out and sure me and my issues are happiest in familiar surroundings 😉. Me and Marcus #besties #thedailystoic #stoicism #amwriting #motherauthor #kitchentable #justdoit✔️

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