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[PLEASE READ] Recently Sam collapsed and was diagnosed with fluid around his heart and in his abdomen plus an enlarged heart. After running tests (bloodwork x2, x-ray) they decided to drain the fluid and send it to a lab. They at first thought it was congestive heart failure, but after the results from the fluid test now believe he may have a growth somewhere in his heart. Total, the costs have been $1600, and now the vets want to do an ultrasound to determine where the mass is, or if there’s something else going on. The ultrasound is $600 plus $50 for sedation. After that we can determine if it’s possible to do surgery on him. The gofundme link is in my bio, any amount helps towards our goal. If you’re unable to donate, I would be so grateful if you could share Sam’s gofundme page. I’ll post updates as I know more. Thank you so much for the help. ❤️

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