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Comment from Adventurist🍃:

The weekend means another adventure 🌿✨

28 Minutes ago

Yes this is real life! • All the major accounts have perfect pictures. But I bet that that they have pictures like this as well. We are all human! Whatever size, colour or gender we are. And to be honest I wish Instagram was filled with more of these kind of pictures. • I didn’t knew that this picture was taken at the Dead Sea, I just saw it on my camera. It gave me a huge smile! This is me, it really is. I’m the queen of weird faces. Trust me I’ve got ton’s of pictures like this, weird faced. • I think we should post real pictures more often. Let’s say once a week! Would love to hear if you agree. Let me know 👇

2 Hours ago

Finding it hard today to find the right words for that feeling that comes before a great adventure... All that unknowing and wonder.. it becomes like a perfect storm of excitement and angst and passion all rolled into one ⇸ For my bestie @beingbindi_ today is the first day arriving at the doorstep of her newest adventure, thousands of miles from me and anything familiar... I’m so excited for all the beautiful days and dreams and adventures that await in the months to come!! So here’s to the next six months of beautiful journey ⇸ Explore, dream, discover ⇷ You got this xox #missyoualready #aussieadventure

11 Hours ago

Have you ever seen so much green? 😍👌

14 Hours ago

Comment from Sara..:

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