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Comment from Foto Meireles:

Maletinha com 4 álbum para guardar os melhores momentos de seu bebê #baby #fotos

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Comment from Azreen Azman:

Assalamualaikum... Saya jual Prewalker ADI (Black) - RM 29 KINI BABY PON BOLEH BERGAYA SAKAN . 100% JAMiNAN KAKi ANAK MOMMiES TiDAK AKAN MELECET. . . . 4 SEBAB KENAPA MOMMiES PERLU BELi PREWALKER KAMi: 1. Material kasut yang sangat selesa, lembut dan tidak melecet 2. Tahan lasak. Pakai hari-hari pun tak ada masalah 3. Tone warna yang menarik! Mudah dipadankan dengan pakaian anak mommies. Tak perlu risau nak matching untuk pergi memana 4. Dan pastinya kasut yang stylo, cute dan super gojes! . . Size:  11cm (0-6month)  12cm (6-12month)  13cm (12-18month) Postage: Semenanjung - RM 8 Sabah/Sarawak - RM 11 ONLY SERIOUS BUYER!!! No Return/Exchange/C.O.D DM or WS for more info. 😊 #baby #cutebabythings #black #prewalkershoes #ADIblack #blackADIbabyshoes #babyboy

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Comment from pr0jectmilf:

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Comment from Ukachukwu Brendan:

They graduated, you told them congratulations. They #travelled overseas, you told them congratulations. They got engaged, you told them congratulations. They got married, you told them congratulations and you were there for them. They had a #baby, you told them congratulations and was there for them for #support. They bought a #car, you told them congratulations. They bought a house, you told them congratulations. They celebrated their #birthdays, you wished them well and told them congratulations. They made it to another level, you told them congratulations. Anytime things goes well for them and they #celebrate, you are happy. But, when you make a major success, they become completely silent, you won't see or hear from them any longer because they will turn to ghosts, to #communicate freely with you becomes a problem. They'll start monitoring your #life. They will start finding faults in you , anything you do is wrong in their eyes , some might even set you up. If you are lucky to be alive then thank your Maker. They now feel commenting on your post or even to type congratulations is a big deal, instead, they just like to keep the notification on. We have such friends and relatives in our lives. They are household enemies of progress. When you notice such #people in your life discharge, erase, delete them completely. Never keep unfriendly #friends close, you don't need their negative energies pulling you down. Better to keep an enemy who shows you they are an enemy close, than to have a friend or a relative who is never #happy for you no matter how much love you've tried to show them.....

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Comment from Luis Dominguez:

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Comment from aimankhurshid7:

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BEING A REBEL💀 Omggg this dance is sooo gooddd can’t stop watching ittt😍👑🧡•Ѕнє'ѕ ρєrfєcтισn•🧡 😭😍 -GOᗩᒪᔕ 🧡 ~ @montanatucker @lelepons @lexypanterra - @lelepons ♥️ ~ @montanatucker💖 - @lelepons♥️ ~ @montanatucker💖 - @lelepons♥️ ~ @montanatucker💖 - @lelepons♥️ ~ @montanatucker💖 - @lelepons♥️ I love them so much they at sooo cute and they love their fans ❤️I love watching them dancing I mean..They are the most beautiful women’s dancing in the whole world 🌎 . #montana #montanatucker #tucker #tuckerfan #Tuckerteam #Tuckerlove #Cute #baby #teammontanatucker #pons #lelepons #Photo #makeup #Lelepons #Eleonorapons #Ponslele #Lelepons #Pons #vine #Edit #Star #dressup #beauty #shining #shine #tb #thebest #cutie #Wonderful #adorable #aww

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Hey loves! We’ve been getting a glorious amount of DM’s asking us to share and create more content and videos about how we do what we DO! From posing clients, how to engage more with your IG followers, to simply how to just start your business at all! What else would you like to know? You know I love making videos and sharing about my completely unplanned photography career, so if there’s something I could share with you, what would be awesome to see or hear about? And we know.. more Muffy videos.. of course.

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Comment from ENJI YAN:

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Comment from MOM’S🎀BLOG:

🌸Жизнь вернулась на своё место🌸 Три недели я будто и не жила😏😨 а знаете почему❓ Да потому что муж был в другом городе🤦‍♀️ До этого расставались только на неделю, когда лежала на сохранение, и то приезжал, чтоб хотяб в окошко увидится💏 Знала бы я тогда, что можно отказ написать в роддоме😅 то на следующей день свалила бы оттуда😅💃🏻 Поэтому теперь расстанемся только когда рожать начну, и то не больше чем на три дня😂 А еще не так давно Полина жила у бабушки 2 месяца и знаете я думала что сильнее стресса быть для меня не может, а теперь понимаю, что расстояние с мужем мне далось намного тяжелее🤔🤷🏻‍♀️ 🌺 Ну теперь все позади и мы все вместе❤️

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Comment from Maciej Lbik:

My beautiful little goddaughter Autumn was born on the 17th of February at 7:57PM. Congrats Liam and Jade!

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