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Please welcome one of our newest yet most vigilant partners, @valentiaskincare ! 💗 . We love them for their fierce commitment to the empowerment, education, and equality of women and girls on a global scale, and we also adore their collection of clean, honest, natural skincare products. 👏🏼 Every box comes inscribed with an inspirational quote, to remind us all of their mission, and a portion of every sale goes to support ours. . If you’re interested in shopping with brands that give back and are driven by a higher calling, then there is truly no better place to start. Visit their profile @valentiaskincare, show them some 💗, and tap on the link to their website to read more about their promise to make this world a better one for women everywhere. 🙌🏼 . . . #changeforwomen #brandsthatgiveback #philanthropy #onamission #womenempowerment #shopresponsibly #charity #causes #inspiringwomen #skincare #naturalproducts #ecofriendly #nontoxic #naturalliving #beautytips #partners

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רגעים של חדשנות יוצאת דופן...😍 עכשיו הגיע אלינו, ממעבדות מריה גלאנד בפריז, קרם לחות סופר איכותי. הוא בעצם גם קרם לחות לזוהר מיידי גם מייק אפ ב3 גוונים וגם הגנה Spf25 ❣️ אנחנו מאוד אוהבים את הגוונים שלו: גוון טבעי גוון בז' זהב וגוון קינמון יש בו חומרים פעילים מגוונים ובעיקר: ❣️ שמרים, לעידוד הסינתזה הטבעית של היאלורונית בעור. ❣️אדמונית לבנה, המגבירה את המיקרוסירקולציה ומשפרת את ההגנה מפני זיהום האוויר. והכי חשוב הקרם מעניק לעור זוהר וגוון עור אחיד. מחיר 248 ש"ח ל 30 מ"ל לפרטים או הפניה למרכז יופי מורשה נא כנסו לאתר שלנו ושלחו לנו הודעה טלפון 03-647-1151 paris #tlv #יופי #נשים #beautytips skincare #makeup #healthyskin #beautybox #makeuplover #beautycare #mariagallandworldwide #instabeauty

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Comment from Ameg:

Hola amores! ❣️😊 Como os prometí hace tiempo... una review de las bases de maquillaje de #steelauder y un posible #dupe de ella de @mercadona ❣️. ➕las 3 bases tienen 30 ml aunque los packaging sean diferentes. ➕👉🏼Hay diferentes fotos son filtro para que veáis el tono real y como se extienden! ➕Base de Mercadona vale unos 6€ mientras que las otras dos son cerca de 30€ ➕La base de Mercadona tiende a ser mas densa que las otras dos de Stee lauder! 😊. También la double wear es algo mas hidratante sin perder cobertura mientras que la nueva Nude que promete ser menos cubriente y tiende mas a un acabado natural! 👌🏽 📌Conclusión: como se puede ver en las fotos cuando extiendo en la mano se parecen muchísimo incluso se puede decir que no se aprecia casi que son bases diferentes 😍❣️Por lo que para mi la base del es un buen doble de la steelauder aunque sigo diciendo que el acabado y la textura se nota la diferencia! 🙃 📌He llevado todas puestas durante un día y la nueva nude me chifla ya que no es tan pesada!!! 👌🏽 Las habéis probado? 😍

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Comment from Deidra:

Hey friends! I worked with @Neutrogena to bring you this post. As a busy mama, there’s always a lot to do! That’s why it’s important for me to find ways to un-wrinkle my life! This year, I’m all about maximizing every moment. One way I do that is by taking time for myself every day, so that I feel refreshed. Even though I love makeup, I know that good skincare is key for makeup to even look good on! So, I added the @Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Regenerating Cream into my morning & night routine. It’s rich and creamy + it sinks right into skin without being too heavy. I noticed results after one week! 💁🏽‍♀️Not only does my skin look and feel nourished and soft, it feels smoother, and looks more radiant ... perfect for “makeup” days AND for those “no makeup” days! Ok, your turn to hit the refresh button! If you want to try this cream for yourself use code RAPID20 for 20% off at .com 💋 valid until 12/31/18 (one use per person)* #Wrinklemenot

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Comment from Revival San Clemente:

Our new light, flexible spray for perfectly imperfect hair. Looking for a different effect? Take the matchmaker quiz at for your personalized product recommendations

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SCRUB are this important? . Absolutely, face mask are the perfect skin care treatment to help you with your skin care concern. Chose right face mask for you skin. It can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appreance of your pores. . For me i normally choose mask with aloe vera. Its good for oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, acne and dipigmentation. Find best mask for you type of skin . Good night . #skinroutine #skin #skincare #loftyserum #loftylover #tips #beautytips #tipskecantikanloftyserum

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Comment from SexyMamas:

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Comment from Elle R Cosmétiques:

Nos 6 nouveaux modèles de pinceaux ont leur fonction et peuvent s’utiliser avec des matières sèches ou des textures poudreuses. Ils permettent un fini uniforme, que ce soit pour cacher les imperfections, appliquer votre rouge à lèvres, obtenir davantage de précision, appliquer votre fond de teint, faire le contour du menton et cou. Les prix varient de 12.99$ à 29.99$. Photo: @clairetalksbeauty_blog . #ellercosmetiques #lookybrush #pinceaux #brushes #makeup #maquillage #makeuptime #makeupcollector #mtl #perfectskin #somontreal #igersmtl #beautyaddict #beautygram #beautybloggers #beautycare #mtlblogger #fonddeteint #qcblogger #beautycommunity #makeuplovers #makeuppro #beautyblog #instamakeup #makeupproducts #makeupphoto #beautytips #beauté

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Comment from Kelsey Faith:

dry winter skin, anyone? definitely something I’ve struggled with in the past, but not anymore thanks to this (not so) little jar of goodness! this has lasted me over a year now because the littlest dab goes a loooong way and it feels amazing on my skin! you totally need this in your life, you can thank me later 😉

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