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Comment from Dion A. Sundojo:

7 Days ago

So our next day in Busan was filled with plenty of hiking and visiting multiple places. It started at the #beomeosatemple and hiking around the town it was amazing seeing the streets and normal life. We got a little lost and asked a local to point us in the right direction but they went even further and walked with us and showed us where to go. Amazing beautiful people. The temple overlooked the whole town we just came from breathtaking view. Our next stop was some even more hiking. Though we could rest out feet on the train. Next we made it to the #busanculturalvillage . This just took my breathe away with all the colours and story the place holds is amazing. Beautiful and all the little ally ways and amazing cafes with amazing views.🤗. We then made our way home. . . . . . . . . . . . . #busan #busanculturalvillage #travelfriendly #travellyf #travels #travelphotography #adventureholiday #adventure #exploretravel #exploretraveler #southkorean #southkorea #instatravel #vacationing #vactions #vacationmode #wanderlust #wanderlusting #travelgramm

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Comment from Brad:

Visited Beomeosa Temple. This temple is tucked away in the mountains, when you wall the grounds it is hard to believe there is a busy city just down the hill. #brads_walk #beomeosatemple #busankorea

16 Days ago

Comment from JESSICA MOY:

Spent the day exploring the mountain tops of the Bu. 🇰🇷 Beomeosa Temple was looking as ravishing as ever.

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