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Comment from Stuart Kilmartin:

2 Days ago

Comment from Ingrid Bond:

Day 8 part 2 - Still in Busan South Korea. 1. Beomeosa Temple in the middle of Busan. 2. I like to think he's saying 'come at me bro '. 3. They tell me this is a demon not a human ... I'm suspicious! 4. Such beautiful colours on this temple. 5. See, so much colour! 6. View from the top on this rainy day. 7. More beautiful colours. 8. And beautiful scenery up here! 9. Lanterns everywhere! #holiday #vacay #busan #southkorea #beomeosatemple

3 Days ago

Comment from Tom Bacon:

4 Days ago

Comment from Ivan Teh:

Shrine Beomeosa Temple. . Descended into the underground shrine hewn into the mountain. . Warm light from prayer candles flicker against the dark stone walls, reflecting off pools of water.

4 Days ago

Comment from Ivan Teh:

Frying Hotteok / Sweet Pancake Bong-Ja Korean Pancake, Beomeosa Temple. . Popular filled dessert pastry. The traditional filling is usually a paste of brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, and peanuts, stuffed into wheat dough and fried. . The simplicity of it means there is a variety of other fillings available nowadays, from red bean paste, to sweet potato, to sunflower seeds. . This stall is right at the entrance of Beomeosa Temple in Busan, and sees brisk business. . . . Bong-Ja Korean Pancake

4 Days ago

Comment from Joanna Uson:

Beomeosa Temple is founded by Buddhist Master Uisang and is one of the major temples in the Yeongnam Region. With a walking trail through a grove of high and mighty bamboo stalks and colourful lanterns to welcome visitors, it is definitely a serene spot to find peace and tranquillity. #busan #korea #travels #beautifuldestinations #beomeosatemple #dynamicbusan

10 Days ago