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Comment from A N N A:

Sorry, folks. the jig is up. I’m onto you..... How do I know this? Because perfectionism is part of my story too! - Waiting for everything to be perfect before jumping right in. Yep, I know you’re reading this right now and thinking: Oh Boy.... I thought this constant leveling up, this need to have a perfect instagram feed, this need to hold off launching that dream business until everything is (let’s say it together!) PERFECT was just me being wise and steady. NOPE. It’s you stalling. And blocking. And hiding. Oh yes. Hiding is a big one. But here’s the good news: . 👋🏼I see you. (Hi!) ✌🏼I know how to make peace with this for you 🙏🏼There is hope. (Yep, even for the worst offenders!) . . . ✍🏼Write me an email to ANAMSOULcentre or visit my website for more ways we can work together and get to the bottom of that #perfectionism and #unworthiness to reveal the real you in all her magical glory. 💜💜💜 Anna.

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Comment from Pookie:

“You’re not a wife when I marry you, you’re a wife when I find you”. Harsh, but total truth.💥 My husband always told me that. Men know instantly when they have found their wife. Some girls you’re just looking to date or “f” as he use to say (he was keeping it real) and others you know instantly! They are the one! You don’t play games, you don’t drag it on. You make the commitment instantly because she is the one! That’s one thing I’m proud of my mother-in-law, she raised him to be a gentleman. And knowing my crazy past, I was blessed he found me. #preach #hearit #harshwords #truth #knowyourworth #bereal #keepitreal #wordsofwisdom #godlywords #truth #women #dontbedumb

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Comment from James howard:

In deep thought..🤔 Seen a lot of bitterness around recently both in my industry and in my personal life. They say the best revenge is to get ahead and become successful but I don't think it's as simple as that. "You see, I done you a favour by letting you down" 😧 Gimme a break☝️✊️💦💦😂 Success won't cuddle you to sleep at night. It won't have your back and it will run as soon as you think you're safe.😱 The key is to truly let go of whatever demons you may have had and start fresh and happy.😃 Being anchored to a negative motivation won't make you happy when you've finally beaten that system or person. 😡 Do something because you enjoy it. Not because you want to beat someone or something.👌 It's great to overcome but not so great to carry that burden.😥 I'm not in this to compete with anyone. In fact I'd like everyone to be winning. 🤑 I've got a vehicle to start to achieve this and it has the power to change a lot of lives in 2018.😎 Either way I'm guna really go for it like never before and I'd be eternally grateful for being able to help others along the way.😜 Let go. Go for it. Never look back. Life's to short for revenge.😘 #dontbeadick #bereal #becauseiwantto

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I literally JUST got my butt handed to me on DAY 6 of @80dayobsession! I'm SO thankful every day is a brand new workout! This program had already been a game changer one week in! Come join us! 💜🙌🏼

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