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One of My favorite lyrics of one direction out of soo many♡ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #onedirection #lyrics #bestlyrics #beautiful #hearttouching

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Rosalies POV: We stood in front of the door when I heard a soft piano playing. "Are you ready?" My dad whispered with tears in his eyes. I slowly nodded, fixing my dress once more. "You look stunning" my dad said, making me blush. After my dad took a deep breath he opened the door, linking arms with me. Tears built in my eyes when I saw Shawn standing there, being handsome as always. As Shawn saw me his eyes started sparkling and his mouth slightly opened. I couldn't help myself but giggled a bit by Shawn's reaction. My dad slowly let go of me after he quickly hugged me and kissed my cheek. I faced Shawn and so he did. We just looked at each other which felt like in eternity when it actually just were a few seconds. It's the first time he sees me in my dress and I could say he liked it. "Wow princess you look beautiful" he whispered, making me blush. "You look handsome" I said back, now he's the one who's blushing. I couldn't control myself and a tear rolled down my cheek, I didn't really mind because Shawn immediately places his thumb on my cheek and wiped the tear off my face. As the priest began to speak we both cried like baby's. "We gathered here today because Rosalie Larsen and Shawn Mendes want to enter into the bond of marriage. Love endures everything, believes everything, hopes everything, withstands everything. Love never stops. And so we hope that it will help you in good and bad times." He made a little break, looking at us. "So I ask  Rosalie Larsen will you honor your husband and love him in good times as in bad times so answer yes, I want" He continued. I knew now it was my time to say something but I was frozen. Shawn looked at me in hope that I would say something but I didn't. So many thought ran trough my head in this moments, I didn't know what to do. I searched for Aaliyah in the crowd and made eye contact with her. She smiled at me and gave me an encouraging look. I took a deep breath and all the words came back into my head. "Yes, I want" the words sounded so simple but it was the most meaningful "Yes, I want" in my entire life. I looked at Shawn and saw how a tear escaped his eye. 👇🏻more👇🏻

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