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Comment from 👑 Tyya Brown 👑:

We are a few minutes late posting these but ofcourse we made sure to take these pics exactly on the day that he turned 5 months! HAPPY 5 MONTHIVERSARY to our beautiful son! We love you very much and can not believe how much you have grown already! We love how much we can make you laugh and smile! You laugh and smile at our craziness! 😃😄😆😊😍😘☺☺🤗👶💋❤ Thinks when mama moves her head fast to look at him is funny. Cracks up when mama flips her hair! Cracks up when daddy puts his hand on his tummy in a fast motion. Dislikes getting dressed. Rolls over a lot. Now enjoys tummy time and can do it much longer now because before he hated it! Is ready to crawl but is not there yet. Almost ready to sit up on his own but still needs support. Can totally keep his head up. Bounces in his jumperoo. Gets hype with daddy to the song "We Ready" in his jumperoo! Watches mommy eat so he is curious about solid food! Grabs mommy's boobs while being breastfeed. Has the cutest smile ever! 😊 #seriouslyhandsome #instababy #picoftheday #baby #babyboy #babiesofig #babies #instaday #instalike #instagood #cutebaby #babymodel #babycute #justbaby #sweet #adorable #beautifulbaby #littlebaby #babylife #instamoments #momlife #bestoftheday #sweetbaby #babylove #instapicture

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Comment from c👑👼🏼:

choey sound like somethin’ on yo ass

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Comment from Erwin:

Not your Ordinary hoarding situation. 👌🏼

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People say that if building a business was easy then everyone should be doing it. #almostthere #holdon

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Comment from Noelia BG:

Sabéis eso de que estás muerta pero a la vez a tope de energía? Pues así estoy yo, que ando muerta por las esquinas pero al pie del cañón 24 horas que con las pequeñas M&M no me puedo despistar ni un segundo! Y lo bien que están cuando las tengo así pero lo poco que me aguantan 😅 . Hoy hemos salido por primera vez a hacer unos recados y, aunque me lo habían dicho, es cierto que la gente te mira por la calle. Lo mejor, que nos hemos encontrado con otra pareja padres de mellizos, y es como que se solidarizan contigo 😂 pero da gusto, hablas con gente que no conoces por la calle solo para compartir experiencias de multipadres, y lo bien que está eso! Ya podía la gente ser así de amable de normal y no solo cuando te ven con un carro gemelar 👶🏻👶🏻 . #BBFamily

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