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Yesterday I packed up the pups and drove to Cannon beach, Oregon. Last night I set up my tent on the side of the 101 (where I had researched was the best free spot on town...sorry mom). I hardly slept. Cars were passing, wind was howling...Id be shocked if we got 5 hours between us. Then waking up this morning, walking the sandy beaches, and enjoying the sunrise reaffirmed why I put myself out there. Out of the comfort of a bed and in a new place. In situations where..sometimes it's not the best lol..I TRULY NEVER REGRET IT. This world is truly beautiful and it is meant to be enjoyed. . . . . My mentality of exploring by myself sparked a conversation with some new friends at the local brewery before we arrived to our sleeping quarters. The concept of DOING things. Not just wanting to. Not waiting on others to do them with you. There are so many things in life that will hold you back. Excuses on excuses. BE A DOER. Whether that's going on a trip by yourself or going to the gym for the first it. You will never regret it. (End rant) enjoy your weekends guys! Go do something fun :)

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