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Kita mah ngga pikir orang kta apa... Yamg penting kita bhagia ya friends... Selalu bersama d tkan trpishkan #selalu #boys #f

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Un buongiorno da gentleman✨ GioelStyleSymbol ✨

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| WEANING | I talked about my Breastfeeding journey in a previous post. About how easy I have found it to breastfeed. The second Roman was born and was given skin to skin contact, his latch was perfect. Since his birth, I've not had cracked nipples, mastitus or had to use nipple sheilds. Today, I have been exclusively Breast feeding for 14months! Roman has & still refuses bottles, formula and cows milk in a sippy cups. It wasnt until about the 11.5 month mark I thought I should try to start weaning him off the boob. He'd be almost 1. He didnt need it. The thought was there but my motovation just wasnt. So I continued to feed, often. Roman has never been a grand sleeper, so when the crying begins and I am tired out of my brains, boobie comes out and baby sleeps. I was still giving him upto 6-7 feeds a day! I knew for my own sanity, I NEEDED MY BODY BACK! My space. Within the last month, some things suprisingly shifted. We have been able to distract Roman more from Boob. He would go hours without even fussing about it. I gave it to him out of habbit a few times, or because I was bored, and then I really thought 'he doesnt need this'. Within this last month we've cut down to just 2 feeds in 24 hours! I feel my freedom creeping upon me. But at the same time, a feeling of saddness and loss. This has been and still is an amazing connection between me and my little buddy the last 14 months. A bond so strong. I know for myself I love that special time with him. If he stops feeding, I feel I will be less wanted. Romy has been more cuddly with me which has been sooo nice. I am definitely learning to spend more quality time with him in different ways. Once he's weaned off, I feel like Roman will be fine, but what about me? Has anyone else felt this way? What are your weaning experiences? Stevie. #breastfeeding #boobman #obsessed #boobies #normalisebreastfeeding #mum #realtalk #realmums #natural #myson #boys #raisingboys #mums #mumlife #mumhub #friends #iwantmynipplesback #close #breastfeedingbond #mothersonbonds #raisingkids #kids #parenthood

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