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Comment from Tyler Shepard:

If you want to build thicker, rounder muscles that pop off your body and stick out to even an untrained eye youre going to want throw some heavy, low rep sets to each of your workouts. You can structure these movements into their own day or add them into your current workouts, or even switch some of your movements from volume to mass focused movements! Its really what you feel will work best for you! Flat bar curls are a great movement to throw a lot of weight on! And cheat reps are OK as long as you only perform them when there’s absolutely no way you can cleanly perform the movement. The idea here is muscle activation and break down which you will still get from cheat reps where otherwise you would just end the set! Train smart, train hard folks👌💪

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Comment from Mark Macqueen:

My client @dan_mackler taking his current 1 rep max of 227.5kg/500lbs for a triple PB! 🔥

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