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This pose tho🙈🙈

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#10x10challenge done and dusted. I initially wanted to use it to figure out if I should keep hold of 8 items of clothing that I was holding on to but wasn't in love with. I didn't put any thought in to outfits or the weather forecast. That last part was a huge mistake with our changeable spring weather #fourseasonsinoneday #nzweather What I got out of the #fall10x10 #spring10x10 was this little list. How very Buzzfeed of me. 1- I'm back to loving burgundy. That feature wall had a lot to answer for. 2- I'm ok with camel toe🐫 3- I've broken my dependance on black, denim, chambray, stripes and grey marle. 4- it cemented my dislike taking photos of myself. It felt really superficial and self centered. And my face does this thing that makes me alternately look like my brother or my mother 😧 5- if I got a compliment on a photo of myself it did me good to shut the 'oh but I look like my mum and I'm so tired/awkward/dorky' narrative down and just say 'thanks.' 6-my kids love taking photos of me. They love giving direction and the creativity involved. They have been setting up photo shoots with their toys and documenting their worlds through photos and loving it 📷 7- I love people who accesorise and style things unexpectedly. But when it comes down to it I just can't be arsed. Who's got time for that shit?! 8- My op shopping habit that really got underway when I screwed up and arrived in my new town with only painting jeans, work boots and a hiviz vest was outta control. Opshops are full of polyester fast fashion and I'm starting to feel like they're part of the fast fashion equation. Yes, I can run my hand along a rack of clothes and pick out the silk with my eyes closed. But consumption is still consumption. Too many thoughts about that for a list. 9- I'm back on the capsule wardrobe wagon and will do some serious decluttering. Moving house and cities was tough and in all the chaos I had a desire to nest and create a haven for myself and the family. Which meant I bought too much crap. FFS 10- this one is about how I feel about my body and I haven't figured it out yet. To be continued...

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Major gingham moment to start the week off 🖤👻

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Привет, Бургундия! 🍷🍷🍷Пьют даже коровы😅 Особенно тяжко на дегустациях и экскурсиях, я ж только два сорта вина могу различить) и то, по цвету😂 #burgundy #frenchtrip #winetrip #bourgogne #josephdrouhin

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