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Comment from Oinam Anand:

‘The dying phone’ Yes, I still use a Nokia Windows Phone. A Lumia 525. Yes, it is old and all banged up. Yes, it takes ages to open an app. Yes, it takes photos in kBs. And yes, it is dying. Long after everyone else’s phone battery had died out, it showed the light and the way, always reminding me that I’m not alone. And it was always fun to shoot with. Let me share some of the memories with you all. I always knew the container depot was there but I was really surprised when I came across the view. © #thedyingphone #container #cityscape #delhi #dailylife #nokia #lumia #camera360 #windowsphone #nokialumia525 #photography #photojournalist #nostalgia #memories #lookingback #newdelhi

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Comment from Zenna Wilberg:

can’t stop (won’t stop) posting photos of mykonos

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Comment from Danielle Stewart:

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Comment from Rylan:

Panama skyline.

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Comment from Sam Intardonato:

I love this bridge so much❤

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