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Comment from Hostel Aventura:

Nossos vizinhos de asas sabem da importância de um café da manhã reforçado! Todos os dias nosso café inclui além de frutas bem fresquinhas, pães, bolo, frios, café, leite, chá, suco e granola! 🍉☕🍽️🍌🍞 E você não paga nada mais por isso! 😉 . #HostelAventura #Hostel #Coffee #CafedaManha #BirdWatching . Reservas: ☎️ (62)3446-1645 Whats: 📱 (61)98118-8751 | (61)98148-8541 E-mail: ✉️ hostelaventurachapada . Clique 📷 @gilberto_landim

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Comment from Kaye Awatin:

My coffee is pink (my first time trying beetroot latte) and that deserves a cliché Instagram pic

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Comment from Gringo_tacos_bar_nvkz:

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Comment from Rae & Webb:

This @darkartscoffee is worth running the Cacti gauntlet to get your hands on it. Toffee, walnut and praline notes with a grape acidity. #tanialives from Costa Rica is in the hopper all weekend 🇨🇷

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How i do my flatlay and shooting these days? It’s not easy since the time of the shoot changed. This happens when we start summer or winter.. the time for shoot in day light becomes different and yes it’s sunsitive when you use your phone. Yes! My iphone8plus saved me a lot of time with their better portrail quality and also i can get better flatlays. So now it’s different windeo sitting and more early time. You see? I used to take my multi shots every 3:30 till 5 pm and when the run is down i redo the sitting again the next day. Now it’s much better. I have the time from 9 till 1 to 2 pm and the window sitting is now in my room which is better so i don’t have to move and carry things around each time for a shoot. It’s not easy to take a flatlay ladies. You will have to think, organize one day before also to match and balance the colours. I am now on a stage of i care so much about my feed that i don’t want anything to destroy my hard work. I still don’t like the photos and i feel i can improve more and more but I’m happy and proud of how my insta improved than before and still fighting to reach as many people as i can no matter how insta now kills artistic work to promote stupidity 💛🙏🏻

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"Leap and the net will appear" You might have already heard but we're taking a huge leap —This place we've called home for 3 years has been so good to us but it's time to move on. The space and community have helped us through so many wins and challenges that we won't forget. As of Jan 1st we'll have a new home in Etobicoke 📍A place to continue to build, learn and create. We couldn't be more excited about this next chapter but can't move on without sending heaps of gratitude to all that have supported us until this point 🙌

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