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Comment from ☾ RayAnne Ryder ☾:

7:03pm Do you want me? I ask, my gaze aimed above me. The thoughts flooding my mind. No, Of course not. Not even I want me. There’s no point in all of this... Then suddenly, He scoops me up in his arms, And presses his lips against mine. Tearing me away from the black hole That is my thought process. I couldn’t think of a better example Of our relationship.

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Comment from Aleshia Morrow:

This style excited me because when I was at Paul Mitchell, cutting and coloring was all I wanted to learn and the main thing I wanted to perfect! But at my current school, I'm usually stuck with doing braids, roller sets or trying to help another classmate..which I don't mind any of that! Today I had the chance to finally work on one of my heads that was thrown in the back of my trunk! I gave her a deep conditioner treatment, colored her to a darker color with highlights to make it look fuller and to add a shine to it, then cut her into a long bob! I'm really pleased with the outcome!! If you can slay a mannequin head, then you can slay ANYTHING!! Follow my hair page, @modeltypehair! #cosmetology #cosmetologyschool #cosmetologystudent #bob #cutting #highlights #coloredhair #longbob #naturalhair #naturalhairstyles #mannequinhead #slay #multitalented

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Comment from Bree Edsea:

Stoney 🙏🏻

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Comment from Eve🌿:

Mi vecino me miraba extraño, pero lo valió⛅️✨

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Comment from c a l i:

la colito en los bosques

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Comment from Dye:

[Back Issue] Dye | No.15 | August 2016 ❤ The Red Faerie: Photographed by Myles Katherine @myleskatherine Featuring Model Ophelia Darkly @opheliadarkly Styling by Ophelia Darkly Hair Dyed with Special Effects in Nuclear Red and Blood Red Created in Portland, Oregon

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