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Esta semana en las clases de Skills aprenderemos todo sobre el Hand Stand. Recuerda que las clases son lunes, miércoles y viernes a las 7PM y los martes y jueves a las 12 del día. #CrossFitLaParada es para todos

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After class it was time for some Gymnastic work today🤸🏻‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤸🏻‍♀️... only 4 more days 👉 CrossFit Opens 2018 😍😍😍... Happy SUNDAY 💕... #dance #fitness #passion #workforit #findyourbest #trynewthings #workout #sweat #believeinyourself #lovemyjob #trainhard #crossfit #enjoy #instafit #dancersarealsoathletes #fitgirls #girlswholift #strongforlife #fitnessgirl #liftheavyweights #crossfitskills #passionformove #myhandsmystory #bemorehuman #foodspring #paleoethics @reebokgermany @foodspring .europe

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“If you wouldn’t do it with your deadlift or squat, why would you do it with the rower?” - Coach Lee covering technique at the Rowing Clinic this afternoon. 🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏽‍♂️ . . #crossfitlobo #lifeinthepack #whylobo #strengthofthepack #newblog #liftheavy #community #crossfit #fitspo #satxfitness #sanantoniofitness #gymaddict #crossfitter #crossfitlife #gymlife #crossfitcommunity #safitness #bexarfitness #hardworkdedication #stayready #hwpo #enjoytheprocess #rowingclinic #learntorow #crossfitskills

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#Repost @boomsauce39 with @get_repost ・・・ • Pro tips from a former semi-pro athlete • • When starting that first muscle up. Always start and jump directly underneath the rings. It’s not a Bar Muscle up so jumping into the ring will always throw you out of position and make you have to work harder. Get on the rings and immediately go into the first rep. Get a hard straight and tight back swing then go. A lot of time athlete will jump on the rings and swing 600 times. This is pointless and a waste of energy. Just jump and go! • When getting into that back swing. You want to stay tight. Keep your feet together. Quads engaged and have your toes reach out for something behind you. Slightly push the rings away from you. This will give you a nice arched or Superman position. This helps create some energy when you actually start the swing for the muscle up • When starting the swing. LEAD with the toes. Try and your feet against the ground. You’re going to need some clearance so having a high set of rings will be beneficial. Lead with the toes in a circular motion and have them swing till your eyes can see them. From the KIP!!!! • After the kip, you’re going to want to violently “smash your head through a car window” catching your chest on top of the rings getting your shoulders into a good position. Holding onto the rings with a “cheated” (the term I like using) false grip will make that transition a lot easier. The cheated false grip is like a half false grip. Your whole wrist shouldn’t be on the rings. But you are going to want to grab as much of the rings as possible; having as much as your hang over or through the rings. • After transition, your shoulders should be in front of the rings. Your feet should still be out in front of you. Let your feet swing behind you so your going to have to wait a half second in that dip position to let them get there. From there you, KIP THE DIP!!! The shoulders get in line with the straps from the rings and fully extend the elbows. This will actually make going into the next rep a lot easier. • When going into the next rep, slightly push away the rings with your feet out in front of you.

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