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Comment from Ju.D 주디:

#호텔앤레스토랑 올 해 26주년을 맞이한 국내 유일 호텔산업 전문지 호텔&레스토랑, 전문기고위원으로 10번의 기고문을 썼었는데 이렇게 보니 내가 쓴게 맞나 싶고 뿌듯하네🙈 . . . . . HOTEL Show 2017, 호텔산업 전문 컨퍼런스 10.18(수) - 21(토) / 킨텍스 제2전시장 . . . #호텔쇼 #전시회 #킨텍스 #관광 #주디 #연구원 #일상 #데일리 #전신샷 #셀카 #셀피 #셀스타그램 #Hotel #Tourism #HotelShow #JuD #Daily #Selfie #selca

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Comment from 김또리:

🐶❤ 곧 우리또리능 4살이되었습니다우.. 시간 넘 빨라ㅠ^ㅠ또르르...

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과한 설정은 해가 됩니다 여러분😂😂 나만그런가봄

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확실히 추워졌군

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Today's LHF #Daily Text.....I am so glad the #Bible gives us specific instructions about what pleases #God and ensures our path to eternal #life. In the past I have been guilty of keeping a record of wrongs....have you?? is sooooo easy to begin compiling a list in our heads (and hearts) and watch it just grow and grow and grow.....but this is not LOVE. So often we keep records of wrong because our pride has been hurt, we have been offended or feel humiliated or neglected in some way and it creates a bitterness, resentment and in some cases even a desire for revenge. LOVE keeps no record of to be clear, this doesn't mean we look the other way, we ignore it, we never address it or continue to subject ourself to bad, abusive, neglectful behavior (that's the opposite of wisdom=stupid😀). It does mean that we CHOOSE to give it to God - In doing so we save ourselves from bitterness and hatred, in choosing to forgive we allow forgiveness and mercy to come rushing in to our own lives. This choice allows our testimony, and more importantly, the Glory of God to be on display in our lives!!💜 #WomenjustlikeUandMe #LHFDailyText Get the LHF Daily Text by texting keyword: LHFGIRLZ to 41411

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Comment from yuri ha:

체지방은 늘고 몸무게 빠지는(근육빠지는) 나만의 비법이 있다면 계속 끊임없이 무언가를 먹는거. #닭가슴살만두 #굽네몰

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