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Comment from Joanne Plante:

Promenade d'hiver...

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Comment from Soazic 🍁:

Première tempête de neige à Montréal ❄️ je rêvais d’un Noël blanc, ça devrait le faire ! 👏⛄️🎄et vous, ça vous plait la neige ou vous préfèrerez passer Noël sous les palmiers ? (Je lance du gros débat) . . . . #frinstaconnect #ig_montreal #dailyhivemtl #made_in_mtl #pvtcanada #mtlblog #mtlphotographer #jaimemtl #montréaljetaime #montrealphoto #montrealgallery #mtlpics #vscofolk #igersmtl #enjoythesimplethings #pvtistes #visitquebec #tourismequebec #snowymtl #mtlwinter #noelblanc

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Comment from Amanda Pennino😻:

❄️Snow day ❄️Physically feeling sooo on point with my food and workouts! I’m always reminded of how far I’ve come in my at-home fitness journey when I visit home and wear my old clothes that used to be very tight and uncomfortable on me. Pics and clothes are your best gauge! 💜 All emails have been answered for babes who want to join my holiday 21 Day Bootcamp!! 😊 ⠀ I needed some fresh air today specifically for my heart, mind, and throat... Because, spiritually, I’m feeling a little blocked! ⠀ ⠀ It happens — Spiritual and emotional well-being are part of a fitness journey, too; so, I’m practicing some self-love today with journaling, warm tea, and reading/listening to inspiring and enlightening content that will help me navigate this current transition..... ⠀ ⠀ You must have total belief that you are fully equipped, as you are, to find the peace and clarity you’re looking for.... I definitely KNOW : I’ve got this. 💕 ⠀ ⠀ But — a little snow-magic and my gemstones to sparkle around while I do it, certainly doesn’t hurt. ❄️✨

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Comment from Leigh:

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Comment from Karam Nwilati:

First snowfall of the year 😌 Winter is Finally here ISO - 50 1/100 Sec This picture was shot on my phone on pro mode. This gives me greater control of the settings and saves the photo in RAW format! Head to my story for a video view of the scene

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Comment from YULoveMTL:

Un autre regard sur l’hiver

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Comment from Mandragore:

🎥Sneak Peak du Promo qu'on est allé réalisé chez @prohibitioncrew 🎥 On vous attend le 6 Janvier au @clubsodamtl pour commencer l'année de façon Zay avec @foukizay @canevas_crew @lamalgizzle @laf_montreal @paulo.pollo (aka Kirouac)! RSVP Inbox pour un billet en Prévente! - - - Cliché par @jorandrowicki - #rapmusic #rap #hiphop #montreal #montrealmusic #rapqueb #gaye #zay #fouki #fourmis #clubsoda #verse #mtl #musique #musically #weed #show #spectacles #mtlshow #mtlnightlife #narcitymontreal #narcitymtl #mtlblog #mtlprodigies #mtlpromos #mtlmoments #dailyhivemtl #mtlartist

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Comment from ʍαί ❂.❂:

“It was snowing outside & although their meeting place was close to her home, she had ordered a driver to pick her up around the corner of Ave Laurier. Her partner pleaded her not to go but she was in love with someone else & she wasn’t the type of woman to not follow her heart’s desires right into the mouth of the dragon. She walked around the corner embracing the falling snow into her soul. She loved him. But she knew he wasn’t her partner. The driver saw her walking through the snow in her cream coloured fur coat & he was impulsed to jump out of his vehicle & open the door for her. She flashed a big, red lip smile at him & stared into his eyes. She was powerful. Maison Publique was in the corner of a snowy intersection & one could tell it was open by the dimly lit candles inside. She waltz in excited to meet that man that had become her friend across coffee tables & late night shifts. A gorgeous older man lifted his eyes from the bar top & immediately pronounced her name. Her companion had chosen a private table in the back underneath the fading moonlight of her heart. He stood & came towards her. They loved each other there was no doubt. The universe would spin them in different dimensions in time, yet this love was pure & magical. Unknown. They were crazy about each other. She felt a little nervous to be so openly in love with another man while her partner was chain smoking through the window waiting for her return. This love empowered her like a late night cigarette over a Sidecar neat. A parade of meals selected by the chef himself accompanied their evening. The lighting was poor for her pictures but she didn’t want to forget this night. This man. The pleasures that ignited in their mouths as they tasted each bite, spoke each word, desired each kiss that wasn’t given. She had given him a sloppy kiss when he dropped her off at the metro the dawn before she parted to her home country to celebrate a wedding that didn’t happen. A peck. A moment. A jump into the unknown. They held each other’s hands throughout the dinner & for dessert she leaned against him & became enchanted in his smell.” Love by Isabella Fleur

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