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Architecture photography by Francesco Prisco — 👉 Follow us , Get Inspired! 🤖 — Get featured! 😎Tag your work with #bot 💥

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This hit me right in the feels! I have been thinking about going out on my own for awhile now, and I always start then stop, start then stop and I keep repeating this very question!! It’s time ❤️🦄 . . . . . #motivation #love #kindness #hardwork #positivity #positivevibes #positivethinking #positivevibesonly #inspire #inspired #motivate #quotes #happiness #fitnessmotivation #entrepreneur #goodlife #greatness #dailyinspiration #motivational #healthylifestyle #fitness #fitnessjourney #health #beauty #healthymind #healthyfood #fitness #selflove #girlpower

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Nothing better than a bowl of overnight oats to chase the Monday blues away 💙 First day back at Uni (and IG 🚫) after reading week 📚 and I’ve never been happier to be back in my OWN kitchen and pantry 😍🥦🍓🥑🥕🍎🥒🍠🍇🌽🥥🍃💞 • Overnight: 1/2 cup wholegrain oatmeal, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 🍼, 1/3 cup mashed raspberries, 1/2 banana 🍌, 1 tsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp desiccated coconut 🥥, a splash of vanilla extract and 1 tbsp honey 🍯. • **Topped mine w/ frozen raspberries + desiccated coconut 🥥, the other 1/2 banana 🍌 + chia seeds and berry granola 🍓

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“My drawing reminds me of that of Snails and turtles. Snails and turtles are slow creatures with a shell to protect them so maybe if I start to move slow then I will be protected” 🐌 - 🌻 *Planted: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - USA 🇺🇸 *Rising: Lennox Head, NSW - Australia 🇦🇺 *Blooming: Sharkey, 29yrs

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...and after the rain came the sun! #hersmile

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F E E L I N G S got me feeling like... ~ We all just wanna connect. We all wanna be loved and love. Yet we put so many filters on it, so many blocks to our hearts, so many obstacles for people to jump over to get to our true essence, our real ness. ~ I’ve never had a hard time being me, well maybe a long time ago, but not now. But talking about feelings? I get a little stuck. I’m pretty afraid of being hurt because I guess I see it as a failure on my behalf... ~ I wanna get all up in the feelings in future though. I wanna talk them, move through them, share them. Keep peeling back the layers. Rejection does not mean that we have failed (blog on that soon). Being hurt doesn’t mean we aren’t a good human. It doesn’t mean anything is our fault. This I have learnt. We got open to connect. We have to let our hearts ache a little to know what’s good, to know what’s real. We gotta cry a little to know what’s not. Peel back the thick skin that stops us from letting people in. ~ Less walls. More ladders. Less barriers. More connection. Less judgement. More love.

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5 of swords reversed. Victory is great but sometimes knowing when to cut our losses and accept defeat is what we need to do for our peace of mind. Obsessing about winning can keep us stuck in negative situations.also winning at any cost can end up poisoning us with negativity that just isn't worth it. Sometimes the best thing you can do is let go. #messageofdaday #tarot #tarotlove #tarotmessage #dailytarot #dailyinspiration #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #witchesofig #spiritualmessage #spiritual

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