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Comment from Shawn Blair:

Day 20 of this 31 day workout challenge and I feel GREAT every time I work out. It’s not long a real struggle. Arms are looking a little better. 💪🏼

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Comment from MogulGrind:

“The only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace...”, BUT, he makes a good point here. We can’t steal second keeping one foot on first. Gotta take a calculated risk. Explore and see what’s possible. #goforit #biggie #mogulgrind

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Comment from Tools For Titans:

Are you ready for the secret to success?  Heart ❤️

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Comment from Curkroy:

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FLEX SATURDAY! ...that's a thing right?? 🤔😂 Well today it is because we have to celebrate what was indeed an incredible week! Today is the last day of the first week of our brand new fitness and nutrition program that we are sharing with some amazing clients and coaches. Talk about INTENSE! 🤭Talk about Obsessed! 😍 Intense why? Because it demands CHANGE. And change is always hard. But as you know... always soooo worth it. Obsessed why? Because we are getting obsessed with being the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. Inside and outside. We, along with the others we are blessed to be sharing this with, are dedicated to the change... to making a difference not only in our own lives, but the lives of others. What a gift! And what a joy to be surrounded with some incredible amazing like minded people who want nothing but the best for each other. Couldn't we all use a little more of that right now??? 😀 So to all of our Fit Family members who are dedicated to making the change... here's a change up: FLEX SATURDAY! Stand in your power today and share your flex below. If I missed you... it is NOT ON PURPOSE... share no matter what!!! Make that bold statement that YOU are going to make a difference today!

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Don’t ever let others opinions bring you down and effect your determination towards succeeding. That’s what they want to happen to you, they want to bring you down. So don’t let them! Show them you have the power and drive to succeed no matter what anybody tells you! 🙌💯 • Tag a friend who needs to see this! 🙌 • Follow @SuccessfulNotes for more posts like this. 🔥 • Like & Comment if you agree! 🙏 • 📝 By: @SuccessfulNotes

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Comment from Paola Sommella:

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LDI CEO, Jeff Lerner, LDI VP of Member Services Ashley Roberts and LDI President, Andrew Cass pose for a photo together at FREEDOM Experience.

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Comment from Erica Leniczek:

To me, the most integral part of anything you do is your “why.” That inner core, burning desire to be successful at something - 😈 your hunger. I want you to think to yourself - “why do I do what I do day in and day out?” 🤔 - Do you: go to the gym because you want to lose weight? How much weight do you want to lose? How much better do you want to feel? So you can post a pic on insta? Do you: sell a MLM company because you like their product? Because you like money/incentives? You like connecting to more women? You need a sense of self? - ❌ None of those things are valid to say yes to as your driving force - unless you elaborate. My whys make me so upset I feel nauseous 🤢🤢 if I think about having them taken away from me. - Yes, absolutely, it feels good 😘 ☺️ to get likes and feedback from others when posting on my page, but it doesn’t drive me, because that dopamine hit doesn’t last long enough. It won’t last long enough for you either. So, then, what is my reasoning? - I go to the gym day in and day out because it saved my life. When I was on the edge and wanted to quit, it was there for me every single day. I started as wanting to lose weight but that became a scary battle for me of obsession - of what I ate, of cardio, with the scale. So I changed it. I NEVER 🙅🏼‍♀️ want to feel that low, down, or like I did in that way again, so I truly workout and stay motivated because I have a burning desire to never reach that point again in my life. I remember that feeling and I refuse to go back there. I signed with SeneGence to make money and get cheap product, but I kept with SeneGence after I found my why. I don’t have a job, so on weekends I can come home to my family or go see Lucas. I’m not tied down physically, but I’m also not tied down financially. 💰💵 - The importance of your why is HUGE. It’s what drives you on the days you don’t want to do it, on the days you want to give up. Think of having your why taken from you and you won’t need motivation from an alternate force, because your motivation will come from within - from 💞YOUR HEART💞. The best part? 👏🏼👏🏼YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL👏🏼👏🏼.

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