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Comment from Yasmin Darwish:

Set You Intention 👉🏽 Write Them Out 👉🏽 Believe You Can Achieve It = Watch Your Intention Become A Reality 💕~ YDK~ 📸 @migoals

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Comment from TJ Lawson:

i keep looking at this wonderful gift, questioning whether it's truly mine

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On this pic you can see my proud face during after work relaxation = shopping. What you can't see is my #instahubby sitting in a sofa, bored to death trying to make fun of me while shopping in jysk. Even though this pic was made out of joke it still is a part of a #reallife and reminds me of fun time we had. Sorry darling I love that junk 🙈

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Comment from Fozia Rashid:

Goodbye Yorkshire. HELLO LONDON!

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Comment from Fozia Rashid:

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Comment from Miranfú ☀:

"En esta casa siempre soñamos bonito", soñamos tanto que hay días que cuesta levantarse mogollón, pero no queda otra que echar a la pereza e ir a trabajar💪 Buen día bonitos! #buenosdias #mrwonderfulshop #goodmorning #vsco

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Comment from U M A 🦋💜💕:

💜💕Walking your soul catwalk is being glam and humble at the same time. Glam for being NAKED with your soul and shining who you are, your true glamorous divinity…. Humble in doing it with no ego, but with the sake of your divine purpose How your divinity is needed on this planet, You are important, You have a purpose in shining in who you ARE….in just feeling worthy and enough, with just the knowing you aren’t separate from your soul-home; you ARE Source energy, you ARE an embodiment of pure love…. Being humble in not needing to be defined by any sort of judgement or any outside circumstances - knowing that whatever your bank balance is or relationship status, or amount of success you have, doesn’t define who you are always will be… Soul glamour and styling yourself with self-love is BURNING the beliefs and the idea that you aren’t enough, that you aren’t anyone…. STRIPPING yourself of the limiting beliefs and ideas that who you are is wrong or CRAZY…or a mess…burning the programming from life times ago and this lifetime that have made you feel unloved, not enough, not PERFECT enough, that have dimmed your light, made you feel shamed, judged, criticised, that makes you unconsciously oppress who you are, think you have to hide who you are, you have to fit in…that YOU might be wrong…that the WILD RAWNESS in you needs to be conform....make in a box...suit a label... WALKING away from anything that goes against your truth…that limits and oppresses you… Walking the catwalk of your soul is being willing to wear the truth of who you are (your soul BRAND) and owning it….getting intimate and RAUNCHY with who you deeply are at the soul…without fear of judgement…without trying to mould in and follow the *trends* of the others Realising your self-worth isn’t dependent on a thing outside of you….you need nothing outside you to prove your worth… Full post on my Facebook- Uma Kangai / Dreamers of Dreams 😘

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Comment from Clarity Coach:

Now I absolutely loved this pic posted by @katenorthrup. I have never been an assertive feminist, nor do I like to bad-mouth the masculine. Not anymore. 〰️ Firstly, when we complain and shift our focus on what's not working OUTSIDE of us, we automatically strip ourselves off the power to change it. How convenient! 〰️ And THAT - the state of powerlessness - is not a delicious, blissful creativity inducing place to live at. 〰️ Secondly, we are responsible for meeting our own needs & wants FIRST, before we can lay it on anyone else. Neediness & desperation is a repulsive energy. 〰️ So, why don't we just choose to become an embodiment of THAT which we wish to receive from others? Now that is what I call the ALCHEMY of life. 〰️ Have a blessed Tuesday 💛 . . . . . . . . . . . . #cher #tuesday #goodmorning #richman #magic #spiritualentrepreneur #wantthat #workfromanywhere #princecharming #morningroutine #coaching #instagood #girlboss #goals #travel #bossbabe #femaleentrepreneur #lifecoach #darlingday #pursuepretty #gritandvirtue #expansion #communityovercompetition #wanderlust #truestory #passionpassport

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Okay so here are a couple things to remember on the 45th anniversary of Roe v Wade: ▪️ fetuses smile, recognize their mothers' voices, and feel pain ▪️ 60 million abortions have been performed since 1973 ▪️ if abortion is "a women's only option" than it is NOT a choice ▪️ One person's rights continue as long as they do not impede on another's rights and pregnancy involves two people ▪️ if we do not give people rights beginning at conception than when will we start? ▪️ if you are pregnant and struggling you are NOT alone ▪️ life is a precious gift ▪️ abortion is not a non-profit; it is a multi-billion dollar industry that yields massive financial gains ▪️ pro-lifers want to see /every/ person happy, healthy, (holy), and treated with dignity from conception to natural death ▪️ every single human being is so so wildly loved by a God of Mercy . . . . . . #prowomanprolife #blogger #bblogger #fblogger #prolife #whywemarch #howheloves #crazylove #catholicwomen #marchforlife2018 #marchforlife #instarant #darlingday #lovethemboth

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