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Comment from Kara Callahan:

Happy Wednesday! We are half way through the week 🎉 // Today on there is a post rounding up the top 10 blogging tips post on my blog! I did them in order of most read, so in case you missed any of them they are all in one place [link in profile] 💻

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Comment from VisitCanberra:

"The smell of fresh doughnuts at @doughnutdepartment 🍩 We had Nutella-filled, raspberry jam-filled & dulce de leche with roasted almonds doughnuts mmm the nutella-filled one just. Can't. Even." Stop it, @jodyy___ you're making us hungry! #VisitCanberra

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Comment from Rebekah Williams:

💋 Despite our ups & downs, I still love your cute freckle face, and your silly laugh. I love how you make me a better me & still love me more than any human could. I would love it even more if you agree to be mine forever? 👫 (P.s don't stop buying me surprise chocolate 🍫)

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Comment from L A U R E N ❁:

So ready to be back in an actual city 🌃 it's been really great being back home for a while but I've outgrown Mississippi ✌🏼

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Comment from Branche Beauty Sleep:

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Day 16 of #wearestemsquad is support - and while this is more of a #selfie, there's too many people to list and thank, just like in my dissertation defense slides, lol. Throughout my Phd I've had many good friends to help me get thru the tough times, and the instagram community has been amazing as well. It's helped me see that the things and feelings I experience are not unique to me, and there's many other people out there with similar stories and experiences. As long as we support eachother we can get thru it. Anyway, here are some close up details of my latest #ootd on the blog - and if you are looking for some conference and interview fashion tips, I released an infographic on Twitter/Pinterest/Facebook page so check it out and repost/share it for anyone that can use the tips!

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Comment from The Monogram Merchant:

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Comment from Hugo:

We are free ||

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Comment from Britnee Lesser:

Well, we've officially dropped Samuel's nap altogether, and semi-officially dropped Lucy's morning nap. So, we are all adjusting! 😴😴 #lucymichele #15monthsold

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Comment from Olivia Boutique:

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Comment from M.Lyzabeth:

Pike Place Market, always colorful, hectic, delightful, and smelling of fish. #seattle #pnwmom

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Comment from rollinggreens:

Details at our LA shop.✨Tune into our Instagram LIVE tomorrow at 10:30am for a glimpse into what's new in-store! #RGatHome

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Comment from Cristin Wondergem:

Currently dreaming of finishing this book. My goal: finish by this weekend. I love the premise of this book and am looking forward to loving and living my life without fear of my creative dreams! It's so funny how as adults that concept is so damn hard to live by. As kids we just go for things, we don't really care about failing- we just do. Gosh guys, do you feel me on this? I know I cant be alone.

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