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BE BRAVE! .... weigh things up and if it is best for you, go for it! I came to a cross road in my life where I could continue along my legal career, which I loved and apparently I was rather good at (so I hear!) Or I could take the plunge and follow my heart. Around 2 years prior I had just returned from Edmonton County Court and was sitting at my desk having my lunch. I opened The Times newspaper to find a feature of a top london lawyer who had taken the plunge and opened her own florists shop. In her own words 'I have never been happier'. I turned to my collegue and said if I wasn't doing this I would be working with flowers. I didn't actually think it would happen.... but it did. After our 1st child was born I had a decision to make. Go back to corporate life or take the plunge. I decided on the latter and am very happy I did. It's given me the opportunity to be able to spend the time with my children, watch them grow albeit it meant working through til 3am to get everything done in building a business and fulfilling orders, but it was worth it. I feel very lucky to have been able to do this as I am well aware many do not have the choice available to them. Do I miss Law? Oh yes! There are days I would love to be back in the court room or researching legal issues. Am I content and happy? Very much so. 💕 . . . . . . . . #floraldesigner #lawyer #solicitor #florist #careerchange #law #fauxflowers #ffbyd #silkflowers #fauxflowerflorist #change #weddingflowers #bouquet #flowers #silk #decor #wedding #bride #bridetobe #engaged #love #behindthebrand #insta #aboutme

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Some projects challenge you and teach you! This was one of them! I was so happy to do this custom order. I had to make sure it would stand freely AND find fonts to fit their desires! This project stretched me but so thankful for it! To learn and grow. To make custom pieces that you are HAPPY with! ❤️

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