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“Spoiler alert: The journey is from self to self. It’s a beautiful thing that you are kind. Every act of kindness fills your heart with love and positivity. It’s a beautiful thing that you try your best not to hurt people around you. And it’s a beautiful thing to think about people who have been part of your life for months and years. But it’s strange how we do so many things for so many people but forget ourselves. How we forget to take care of someone who we have been with since we came into existence and will continue to be with till eternity, it’s strange. Then why don’t we think of what we want? Why do we fear to put ourselves first? Why we forget that we have to face ourselves in the end? Stand up and take charge. Live for yourself. It certainly takes a lot to remove toxic people from your life but do so. It’s worth it. Because you deserve every happy emotion mankind is witnessed of having. And the day you believe it, you’re ready to face yourself in the end and conquer anything before that.” //Excerpts from my upcoming novel. #selfportrait

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Comment from Rounik Raj:

All love stories do not have happy endings - some end too soon to believe. In some instances we can blame our partner but sometimes we really cannot ignore the fact that fate has its part to play too. "True Love never ends." Motivation for many and way of life for some. "Madly in love till the last breath" -Rounik Raj #poetry #emotional #sad #writeup #follow4follow #like4like #spreadtheword #insta #wordpress #mirakee #wordporn #wordgasm #ink #love #grave #indianwriters #writersofinstagram #delhiwriters #scribble #spilledink

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