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Silla Rombo by MX Urbano 😮

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Brand Identity development for Ultimus . We may not always write this, but all logo developments at EveonStudio have meanings behind the visuals. . The brand consists of a number of businesses, hence the monogram approach. . Asides the obvious letter "U" the logo represents some of what Ultimus stands for. . The maze pattern represents the typical experience when navigating the business terrain. However, with Ultimus by your side, success and satisfaction is guaranteed. . The bottom left entrance into the maze and top right exit speaks of the ultimate goal at Ultimus which is to deliver excellence from constant growth. . The rising slope from left to right represents the company's resolution for growth. . This is Ultimus! . #design #designer #abujadesigner #graphicdesign #logodesigner #branding #brandidentity #logomaker #logo #minimalist #monogram #creativeagency #creative #photography #photoshop #illustrator #ultimus #entrepreneurs

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[ Calendrier de l'Avent ] Un petit aperçu de la gestion du tiers-payant en pharmacie avec notre infographie. Link in bio !

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