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Comment from Dennis Peckham:

Sometimes bad things happen that change your life forever.. sometimes good things fall into place that help piece your life back together.. I miss Fatum everyday, I still tear up everyday, and having such a tragic event rip your best friend from you, right in front of your eyes, I’ll never be the same.. but this young man, has helped immensely.. this is Macgyver, Gyver for short.. he’s Fatums cousin.. we got a call one Thursday, and by Monday night, he was at home.. two placements had fallen through for whatever reason.. so we jumped at the chance to raise this #oldsoul of a puppy.. he so different than Fatum, and Gwen.. yet the same ol #doberman traits.. he’s absolutely amazing.. it’s moments like this, that make me remember how lucky I truly am.. my heart is just a bit more complete now..

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Comment from SONIA:

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Comment from Odessa:

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Comment from Doberman Dynamic Duo:

Reign: Wake up mom! It’s already 6am! Me: 😒😩😭😤🤬💤

23 Minutes ago

If you wanna mess with me you gotta mess with my big brother first lol 🐶

30 Minutes ago