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I know people being nice to my face and talking shit behind my back,i knw people jealous of me inside and being so sweet on face, i have seen people changing they were good till the time i was beneficial to them,some loves you .. but their love changes with time ... important is u gotta b strong infct damn strong.. world is nt fair you gotta ignore people saying things behind urback,u gotta be sharp to know who really loves you and who is just acting,dese fakesters are d ones who wana see u fail but will act like they are in support .u dnt need to listen shit or anything that disturbs you cz people will do dat,u DONT owe any1 any explanation what u doing ??why you doing?? its ur life .. do what makes YOU happy .dont give a fuck what some people say..dnt get hurt by those who left you saying they love you cz they never did..u deserve some1 better thats the reason that spot got vaccant..People change with time this is a hard truth.. they will blaming some things or giving 🖕excuses .. at first they will be your closest as time goes ull see their true colours❌but ul b with only few infact v v few people who will really love you,their love will b d same forever they are the ones who will motivate you always💪🏻support you always,they are not going to change as time passes,they are the blessings by god .. so be strong v strong 💪🏻 not only physically but emotionally, mentally cz its mean world and ul not b spared.. so you are not scared you are prepared so you are not weak💪🏻you are a machine A FREAK💫 #aestheticshots #fitnessmodel #beastmode #gymlife #physiquebody #staystrongandsexi😈😈😜😎😎 #bewareoffakers #hatersgonnahatehatehate #beconfidentfearnothing #meanworldoutthere #timechangespeople #dontgiveup #dontgiveafuckwhatpeoplesay #jaibholenath🙏

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H A L F W A Y 🙂 today marks the end of week 4 in the #f45challenge so far I'm happy with my progress, and am noticing results. I feel better, stronger and more determined to finish the challenge and be better each and everyday! Consistency is key! #f45 #f45challenger #8weeks #halfway #justkeepgoing #dontgiveup #cantstop #fitness #fitnessaddict #healthylifestyle #healthy #health #itstartswithyou #bethebestyoucanbe #instagood #instadaily #instafitness #motivation #dedication #dedicated #healthybody #healthymind #healthysoul

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As I continue my training for the 2018 Spartan Race season I have to take time and remember how I got to this point in training and as an athlete. . In August of 2012, I passed the RKC test and gained new perspectives on how to train and condition. I need to take a moment and thank my kettlebell instructors who gave me the tools on how to train for strength, conditioning and athleticism. . @blacksunshine51 @_lauralilac_ @paul_d_kettlebell_trainer @newtonjaret @ashland_ageless_strength . . #spartanrace #ocr #beastmode #athlete #coachrewtraining #strength #conditioning #hustle #thecalmbeforethestorm #fitfam #sbfitt #justdoit #NoExcuses #spartan #spartantraining #trifectatribe #kettlebellworkout #kettlebelltraining #bluecollar #dontgiveup #finishonE #makeithurt #bringit #rkc #russiankettlebellchallenge #100kettlebellsnatches

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tw; ⠀ i skipped my meds today. because they were working. which meant i felt fine and so and i relapsed in cutting and skipped my meds because things were okay and i needed somethinganything to make it not okay again. and now idk how i feel but i don’t feel okay but that’s okay because that’s what’s comfortable. i feel like i’m waiting for something but idk what. i would always compare myself to being underwater; to drowning. i was dragged down under to the bottom and for a while i was drowning, but then i learned how to breathe underwater. the water was too cold and it was freezing my limbs dead and my lungs were rotting from being filled with water but atleast i could breathe. atleast it’s familiar. and to step out of the water would be suffocating; to be reintroduced with everything that through me down underwater would feel the equivalent to drowning. to have to readapt means to have to relive. and i don’t want to relive. i don’t want to know what i’ve forgotten. i don’t want to reclaim ownership of things i’m genuinely convinced are owned by someone else. it’s foreign territory, it feels wrong to trespass. i like being distatched, floating. i like not knowing. no that’s not true. i don’t like either; i’m just afraid of reattaching. afraid of knowing. ⠀ #recovering #weightgainjourney #struggle #edfighter #bulimiarecovery #recovery #myjourney #veganrecovery #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #bpd #bpdrecovery #dissociation #nourishnotpunish #positivethinking #bodypositive #selflove #prorecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #moodswings #impulsive #edrecovery #gainingweightiscool #edwarrior #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #dontgiveup

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ptw; ⠀ rlly tired from a tiring day. pretty bad food wise, pretty bloated in result. i know i should be having a protein bar (which i’m trying to do!!) but i just feel so undeserving of it. ⠀ i think i might have gotten my period back maybe, idk it’ll prolly go back away bc i’ve never had a regular cycle. this makes me upset, there’s a possibility i could never have kids. it sucks that i’ve developed this disorder in early adolescence, while my body was still in puberty. i’ve screwed up my developement and stunted my growth. i’m supposed to be atleast 4 inches taller than i am and i’m a half inch shorter than i was three years ago. i’ll probably look liek a teenager when i’m in my 30’s. i’ve become weirdly puny, like i look the size of a 12 yr old since i’ve basically stopped growing when i was 12/13. my bone mass is a fraction of what it should be. all this shit is irriversable. i’ve fucked myself up. i can’t tell whether or not the acknowledgement of this is encouraging or discouraging. ⠀ ⠀ #recovering #weightgainjourney #struggle #edfighter #bulimiarecovery #recovery #myjourney #veganrecovery #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #bpd #bpdrecovery #dissociation #nourishnotpunish #positivethinking #bodypositive #selflove #prorecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #moodswings #impulsive #edrecovery #gainingweightiscool #edwarrior #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #dontgiveup

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tw // vent ⠀ have i gained weight? yea a bit:) am i motivated to keep it on? hardly:/ ⠀ ⠀ last night i texted him at like 11pm bc he hadn’t all day. and it’s not like him to not say one thing to me all day. and of corse i got Mr. Attitude who just called me names acted like a dick and claimed that i was being needy and high maintenance for wanting to talk to my boyfriend and make sure he was ok??? it turned into a 2 hour argument of me trying to tell him how i feel and him just picking up and dragging out things that are in the past and just using things that hit home hard against me. surprisingly i handled it pretty well and stayed calm which took a lot to do but tbh i guess i’m just used to it now. eventually i was able to get through to him and he was able to (atleast i think he was) see where i was coming from and how his behavior is sabotaging any progress i make and is just dead up pushing me down deeper. he called around 4am bc thats when his phone finally turned on but it wouldn’t work and then after 5 min of trying to get it to work it died again and he just flipped. he broke down. he spilled about how he’s so sick of everything (his life in general, not me related). how nothing ever works. how he’s tired of dealing w the same failure bullshit for 16 years now. it was clear he’d been holding a lot in. i don’t think he’s as better as he claims to be. i talked him through it. it hurt to see the love of my life so broken but it felt nice to be able to be there for him. after breaking down he had a 180 in tone. he was gentle. he was skinless you could tell. i told him to take a few deep breaths and to try to get sleep. he said the same but sleep was out of the question for me as it was already almost 5. ⠀ CONTINUED IN COMMENTS

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